Hi friends, let me let you in on an incredible news, it’s VISIONBANKER - The APP For Taking Care of People's Eyesight

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The buzz about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is a enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world. One of these projects is VisionBanker, a specialized App that stores the people’s eyesight data, makes forecast of people’s future eyesight dynamics, offers daily advice on behavioral change for eyesight improvement, and provides personalized recommendations of eyewear selection.

Optometric professionals are also incentivised through tokens to provide answers to questions posed by the app’s users — thus creating a decentralised, distributed and public ledger that allows consumers to solve their eyecare needs easily. All these data will be stored on blockchain, and can be used to help governments and organisations with an interest in eye health research and make decisions through actual and anonymised data.

Putting that into consideration, VisionBanker is building a specialized App for helping millions of people to improve their vision. This is made possible by storing people's eyesight data on blockchain in a secure manner, by allowing them to track their progress, by forecasting their future possible eyesight characteristics, and by providing them with opportunity to get special types of insurance and purchase eyewear preselected for their eyesight characteristics and face shape.

Now that I have your attention, let’s get right to it.

Overview of VisionBanker?

The VisionBanker is a specialized App that stores the people’s eyesight data, makes forecast of people’s future eyesight dynamics, offers daily advice on behavioral change for eyesight improvement, and provides personalized recommendations of eyewear selection. VisionBanker has offered a specialized application that stores a user’s eyesight data and helps them take care of their eyesight and manage it. The coolest thing about VisionBanker is that apart from being capable of storing a person’s eyesight data on the blockchain it also provides important tips on how to adjust their behavior so as to improve their eyesight. Its indispensable to store one's records in one place for easier access. VisionBanker provides a solution that is not only swift and dependable but also cost-effective.

The app is empowered by blockchain which pretty much guarantees security and privacy such that the user can be able to select those who can access their data.The icing on the cake is that the user gets rewarded with VBK tokens when their data is used for scientific purposes. Imagine getting rewarded for every time you go in for an eye appointment.

There’s more, the VisionBanker app also makes a prognosis of the eyesight dynamics with age. It also offers a virtual try-on whereby a person can be able to try several eyeglasses and see which design or color fits their face features and shape best.

With future plans of global expansion, patients data stored with the VisionBanker app can stimulate scientific research and create new economic opportunities for eye wear and eye care producers.



How It Works?

The user stores his/her data on the application and by using the user’s data, the application is able to make a prediction of the user’s possible eyesight future dynamics. In addition, the user can allow push-notifications with everyday pointers on what behaviors they need to change for vision improvement. When the user pays an optometrist a visit they are able to update their diagnosis and vision measurements.

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The final and interesting thing is that by just taking a photo of themselves the user is able to provide their facial measurements and then by adding in the eyesight parameters the application is able to recommend which glasses should fit the user well. This is seriously one of the most convenient apps.

The Advantages of VisionBanker APP

The user has full data ownership in the sense that the user is the only owner of their vision records and nobody else can be able to access this data by any possible means except for their permission.

The user is able to access history records at any time without the need to request the vision data from previous optometric professionals.

The user has very secure access to their vision records regardless of where they are situated and this is convenient for users who are frequent travelers and expats. This helps avoid the inconvenience of transferring eye health records to their new provider.

Patients are also able to get an online doctor’s reference on the application and the reference can be used to submit applications for various licenses like driving, pilot among others.

The user is able to keep tabs on changes of eyesight and see the effect of lifestyle and diet. Predictions for the next few years which are recommended by the app help the user to take preventive measures so as to avoid the risks of getting eye infections and consequently improve on their vision.

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The VisionBanker app also provides eye exercises to get rid of existing eye tension and fatigue by offering exercises.

Users are able to make orders for eyeglasses online and get recommendations on the type of frames putting to consideration their face shape, fashion fondness and also test their future appearance through a Virtual Try-On tool.

The app system allows the users to be able to share their opinions and results with the community and they are able to bring up their problems and get immediate responses from other community members or even better, professional optometrists.

Individual and organizations can sponsor eye wear or vision aid equipment for those who are in need as well as other unique events and campaigns that are run by VisionBanker to deal with vision and eye-related problems for the entire society.

Token Details

VisionBanker token, VBK, has been issued on Blockchain platform with ERC-20 compliant. The user uses the VBK token to redeem services on the VisionBanker platform. They subscribe to enjoy services in VisionBanker while the organizations or peoples researching subscribe to VisionBanker to retrieve data for R&D purposes. The sole purpose of these tokens is to exchange or goods and/or services only.

When blockchain transactions are carried out, the tokens are used needed to perform transactions such as authentication and authorization to access personal related information, exchanging tokens for rewards, recording of data/information into the blockchain and discounting products or services in conjunction the availability and the terms and conditions.

Funds Budget Allocation

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For more information, please visit:

Website: https://www.visionbanker.io/

Whitepaper: https://www.visionbanker.io/static/docs/VBK_Whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/visionbankerofficial

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5156509.0

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/VisionBanker/

Medium: https://medium.com/visionbanker

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/visionbanker/

Github: https://github.com/visionbanker/smart-contract

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrUm7m9ZXmVVeGaS2uNmCsw

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