Traditional system of gambling have lots of shortcomings which has been one of the major factors hindering the growth of the industry .Blockchain technology since its inception has been a blessing to the entire World. In this modern era,the gambling industry has been completely revolutionized with the advent of Blockchain technology .Tron network became one among the World giant cryptocurrency shortly after their main-net launch in 2018. It has been an haven for multitudes of Games developers. In short , it has been a very huge success every since the launch of their main-net. Today, i will be educating my readers on an inspiring Decentralized Blockchain Gaming Platform named Smart Games.

SMARTGAMES Platform is a decentralized gaming Platform .It is a newly lunached Smart Contract Powered transparent Gaming platform. Every winning on SMARTGAMES platform is instant and the technology has been designed around a very good revenue sharing model. Users who play Games on SMARTGAMES platforms wether win or lose are qualified to receive payment in form of NSG.SMARTGAMES enable users to play and earn passive income in their Platform . SMARTGAMES platform has so many amazing features which i will mention only few .
(i) Users dont have to sign up or go through any form of registration before playing Games in the platform.Users identity is completely anonymous and that does not affect their winnings.

(ii) NSG token holders that freezes their tokens on Smart Games Smart Contract are entitled to daily dividends.

(iii) Games are being coordinated by Smart Contract, thereby removing human intervention which could result into result manipulation.

(iv) Winning are automatically and instantly paid to users address unlike in the conventional gaming system where players have to wait for winning result and have to wait endlessly to get payment in their Bank account .

(v) Win for All Platform with high possibility of winning and 100% transparent Gaming platform .

Support tokens in SMARTGAMES Platform includes TRX, NSG .As the platform develop further , some other tokens will be introduces. There are 4 Games available in the Platform , namely : COIN FLIP, MOON , TIC TAC TOE but only one among the Games is active the remaining 3 are under development .LUCKY ROLL is the only Game that is currently available in SMARTGAMES Platform . The winning chance of this Games range from 1% to 95% . I will explain the steps involves.

How to Play LUCKY ROLL Games:

1. Wallet
(a) Desktop PC : Players need to download google chrome browser or other browsers that support Tron link wallet extensions. I will recommend the following wallets : Tronlink {Browsers extension}, Guildwallet{Browser Extension} and Scatter(Desktop wallet) .
(b) For Mobile devices : users are required to download tron compatible wallet their various operating system .Users must import or create new wallet using private key : I will recommend Gild chat, MATH wallet. LUCKY ROLL : Lucky Roll games allow winning chance and payout to be adjusted manually by users through the Slider. Users take control of the Game, it enable them control the risk .The Game is user friendly with a very simple directive interface. If lucky number falls within the selection criteria , you get paid accordingly and vice versa.
Final thought,
SMARTGAMES platform is a transparent and highly effective blockchain based gambling platform that is yet to be discovered by gamers out there. The Team of this Platform are experienced people with wealth of experience in Blockchain , Dapps and Games development .The Platform offers high winning potentials for their users and players receive rewards whether they win or lose on the Platform . It worth to play Games in SMARTGAMES platform to enjoy the best Gaming experience. Official Resources
Website :
Whitepaper: https://SMARTGAMES/whitepaper.pdf

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