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Online marketing is a very robust Global e- commerce mechanism .The online marketplace is a multi billion dollars industry . It is widely accessible to businesses and entrepreneurs because of the high customers base and Global coverage .Online Marketplace has created a very good e-commerce channel which link the entire world together . Despite all these benefits, there are still some shortcoming which is lack of customers service because of their overcrowded nature.The ecosystem is still lacking intimacy between customers and sellers. There is lack of mutual interactions between the owners and their customers. Today, i will be introducing a project which seeks to revolutionize the online marketplace ecosystem , changing the entire Games and making it more sustainable, effective, reliable, secure and efficient for the Global users.

About WANT Marketplace

WANT Marketplace is a project which offer users with different e-commerce marketplace in B2C, 0S0, B2B and C2C areas in different countries of the World.The system has offered a unique search system designed for products search in the platform . Additionally, in making voice request , system always determine the request context. It consists of private groups, secure messaging marketplace apps and trading Apps which is currently available in the United state, Indonesia , Philippines, India.
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(i) B2B: It Simply means Business to Business , referring to the sales made to other businesses instead of individual consumers.

(ii) B2C: Business to Consumers. it involves the process of selling goods and services to final consumers.

(iii) 020 : This term simply means Online to Offline : It is a business process which involves attracting customers online through the internet infrastructures with the sole aims of establishing real business relationship and deals with them offline.

(IV) C2C: The term C2C means Customer to Customers , this is simply an innovative system which allow customer to customers interactions with themselves .It is a market environment which facilitates an enabling environment in which customers sells goods and services to themselves.

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WANT (WNT) Marketplace business Model

(1) WANT Marketplace will be conducting a Security Token offering (STO) (WNT) and ICO for their utility token (WNTU) , they are offering security assets to all interested investors. The STO gives all investors right ownership to the company. It is also in Compliance with the laws and regulations with eradicate unfair attitudes towards their investors (shareholders) and protecting their right generally. The funds generated will be used for further expansion of WANT Marketplace business .

2. SOURCE OF REVENUE: WANT Marketplace will realize their revenue through the fee charged on users for trading on their platforms. In the B2B section , packages which provides verified buyers and sellers are sold for $1,999 ,users will also pay $99 on monthly basis for messaging fees.As projected in the Whitepaper, WANT marketplace will conduct various training and workshops in Asian countries to training entrepreneurs how to connect to the internet and making their list products and services available online . All these training will also attract some certain fees as income for the WANT Marketplace.

3. CURRENCIES ACCEPTED : The currencies accepted for the token sales includes : BTC , BCH, ETH, ETC ,XMR, LTC , XMR.

  1. DISCOUNT AVAILABLE ON TOKEN PURCHASE : 28% discount is available on token purchased and total of 100,000,000 WNT is available during the STO.

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