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Cryptocurrencies fall in the class of most volatile financial assets in the history. This is one of the major reason why so many business investors are being scary and sceptical to commit their funds into such category of investment. For those who understand the Cryptocurrency markets very well, volatility creates opportunities and Increase profitability. The Crypto industry is obviously a nascent industry that is still growing and require so many infrastructures integration to main absolute
Sanity in the industry. To hedge against Market volatility, various stable coins has been created to prevent traders or investors assets from massive loss.
Cryptocurrency exchanges play a very huge role in the industry. The Role of Crypto trading platforms can’t be over emphasized. The Cryptocurrency trading platform have huge roles to play in ensuring the success of the industry.

The Prevalent challenges in Crypto Exchanges is security and this is one major reason that is still preventing Crypto massive adoption. There are so many investors out there who are ready to venture the funds into Cryptocurrencies, but they get discouraged considering the loopholes in the security aspect of the industry.

Today, i will be discussing on an inspiring Project named Future1Exchange and the benefits this platform will offer to their various Global users and Crypto Industry in general. The Team of Future1Exchange has observed the major shortcomings in the existing Cryptocurrency Exchanges operations and have developed a platform With a very unique concepts which will correct these loopholes and making Cryptocurrency trading more profitable, secure and convenient for their Global users.

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It is a combination of Cryptocurrency and Digital assets platform primarily designed for both retails investors and Professional traders. Future1Exchange enable users to Buy, sell and store different types of Digital assets and Cryptocurrencies in a very secure atmosphere. The Exchange has been licensed to offer Crypto-fiat trading service and also function as a wallet service provider. It is registered in Estonia and governed by Estonian law. Future1Exchange services and operations is not limited to Crypto trading but intends to offer multiple services in Crypto spec which includes: Token offering, Digital Portfolios,Cryptocurrency Education and analytics Services and forecasting. Future1Exchange aims towards accelerating the Global adoption of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency by offering the best digital assets trading Platform.
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(i) HIGH TRANSACTION SPEED:The era of delay in transaction is over with the invention of Future1Exchange. Gone is those days when traders will be waiting for hours before their transactions are executed. Future1Exchange has completely changed the Game.Transactions are facilitated in real time implementing a super fast order matching engine. Orders are Immidiately matched to the corresponding party for real time transaction. This is applicable to both deposit and withdrawal of various crypto assets within the platform. Transactions are executed within 2 minutes.

So many developers and investors are visionary people and have seen the future potential of Blockchain, this lure so many people in this industry but the major problem most developers encountered is lack of funding to turn their innovations into reality . Future1Exchange has come the aid of these so called start up by helping them raising funds for their various projects.IEO Launchpad is available, users can scrutinize and contribute to any project of their choice in the exchange IEO Lunchpad or their Crowdfunding platform. Analytics and ICO rating Platform is also part of the service rendered by Future1Exchange . Honest reviews of some certain Projects are made available in which investors can take their decision upon. The Platform is completely transparent.

(iii) AVAILABILITY OF MULTIPLE MARKETS TRADES: Future1Exchange does not limit their trading operation to only cryptocurrencies. Users can also access multiple markets which will allow them trading in Equities, FOREX and indices. It is a multi dimensional Exchange with Robust product and services. Education and enlightenment services
is being rendered to users on the Platform , this will help them in making investment and trading decision guiding them into profitability . Within the Platform , user will be able to trade in over 120 markets which includes Cryptocurrencies, FOREX and EQUITIES.
(iv) FORECAST: This is an inevitable and useful tools in the volatile Crypto market. Having observed the volatile nature of Crypto market, Future1Exchange has made a Forecast and analytical tools available. Users can make their trading decision through the forecast engine designed in the Platform .
(v) COPY TRADE SERVICE:Copy trade service are rendered by Future1Exchange, this service enable amateur traders benefit from professional traders skill . Professional traders style are copied by amateurs or newbies for profitability.
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