When we think of the environment, most of us imagine the wildlife or the elements that build the life on Earth. Moreover, the environment contains all the conditions and the elements present on Terra - water, soil, aer and the subsoil. To these we may add all the layers of the atmosphere, all organic and inorganic materials, all living beings, all natural systems that interact - being based on material and spiritual values. So, it is not that hard to realize that our very own existence, on planet Earth, would be impossible without the environment. We have learned, through school, education or experience that the state of the environment influences our well being. Only by using responsible and sustainable industries, only by investing in clean, environmentally friendly energy we may safeguard these values we earlier mentioned.

However, how is all this connected to crypto currency?

Introducing Green Mining - Hydrominer

  1. Environmentally friendly
    Hydrominer uses hydropower to generate electricity - this makes it one of the most environmentally friendly start ups in the world. In just a few words, hydropower uses the energy of falling or fast running water to create electricity. This has been considered one of the most easy ways to harness renewable source of energy.
  2. Efficient in terms of cost
    Investing in hydro power is not always an easy process, regardless of the area it is implemented in. However, Hydrominer chose one of the best places in Europe - the Alps. Here, it has a tremendous advantage - it has access to up to 85% lower energy prices than the European average. This is what makes Hydrominer so cost effective - it places the crypto mining equipment directly insides these hydro power stations!
  3. Lucrative
    The vision of Hydrominer is to continuously invest in the quality of the mining equipment, in order to be among the top players of this industry. This hard work, together with a strong strategy, always brings successful results.
  4. Austrian
    Part of the Western Europe, Austria has one of the strongest economies. Hydrominer is based in Vienna (capital of Austria) and offers open hours and guided tours for people who want to learn more about this company or invest in it.
  5. The team
    Hydrominer would not be here today if it had not been for the great team of experts that created this startup. Many specialists in crypto mining, software and business development have united their efforts to start this new company.

Mining the Virtual Economy
Why is crypto mining such a big deal? First of all, because it needs a lot of energy - bitcoin mining alone uses as much energy as a small European country. However, it is not always environmentally friendly and can cause an increased carbon footprint. This is the reason Hydrominer has decided to use the power stations in the Alps: to get cheap energy and to use cold water for cooling the mining equipment - this leads to greater profits and increased efficiency.

Learn more about Hydrominer and visit https://www.hydrominer.org/ - the official website provides informative videos and a very helpful FAQ section. This site will offer precious insights regarding the token sale, how crypto mining works and the crowdsale objectives
profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1019190.