Over 5 million American households have assets worth at least 1 million dollars. The only reason this figure has been possible to achieve is that the internet has made it easier than ever to learn about personal finance.

There was a time when most means of investment required working with a broker. Today, the internet has not just made it possible for people to learn about asset management, but has also provided channels for direct investment in virtually every asset class. Now, a new asset class is surfacing and a great degree of interest has rallied for its participation. Millions of people are trading or investing in cryptocurrencies. A new investment classification in tokens has emerged and has swiftly established itself as a prominent means to invest in possibly the greatest companies of tomorrow.

Despite the great degree of participation in cryptocurrencies, the platforms used for investing or trading these remain be at a great distance from the platforms available for investors in traditional assets like stocks and bonds. There is a gap that needs to be filled and a new exchange is going to fulfill it.

ZoomEx Cryptocurrency Exchange

ZoomEx is an hybrid exchange that is combining the best features of existing exchanges and is developing additional new features to ensure its product is ready to take cryptocurrency trading and investment a leap forward.

The exchange is designed to cater to novice, veteran, and institutional traders. It stands on the shoulders of giants and has developed a UI and technical functionality that captured the best features of many leading exchanges. The platform offers 2 trading UIs. The one for

ZoomEx is offering more than just a crowd-pleasing UI.

The exchange is taking user fund security higher by orders of magnitude by ensuring the funds are insured. While this may increase cost of operations, it offers users a degree of peace of mind that has not been achieved by any other fund.

Binance Token surged at the exchange's announcement of offering fiat pairs. ZoomEx team has recognized the demand for fiat pairs and is offering that service on this exchange. The exchange gives the ability to trade crypto with both crypto and fiat pairs.

In addition to integrating the best features of existing exchanges, ZoomEx will establish the necessary basic technological architecture to ensure a good trading experience.

Exchanges need to become more market aware. If their competitors offer a service liked by the market, they should adopt it. While other exchanges have failed to bring a real-time adoption of features admired by the market, ZoomEx has stepped up to combine the most important and well-accepted features of all existing exchanges into its own platform.


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