Gambling industry is one among the most fastest growing industry in the world of today.Different types of technology that will ease the process of gambling and increasing the winning potentials have been put in place though there are still some aspects which needs to be corrected in the Space which i wouldn’t do without mentioning.Gone are those days before the emergence of internet, the industry was moving at a very slower pace but the emergence of internet service changes the entire system.In the past to place a bet , there will be a need to go the physical Gambling center – (Casino) to buy a paper ticket that would qualify you for the bet.Those who dont live closer to Casino would have drive from their home before visiting Casino.Apart from these fact, gambling business was managed by human which creates room for so much manipulation and results falsification. These are the limitation attached to the traditional Gambling system .Today, we are thankful for the modernization and opportunity offered by the Internet which gives birth to Blockchain technology.Nowadays , gamer don’t need to visit Casino physical office or buying any paper ticket to play Games. Blockchain technology and internet has changes the entire Games.

Today, am going to focus my topic of discussion on an inspiring Blockchain Powered Gaming Platform named Smart Games The Team of Smart Games after having observed the prevalent problems in Gambling industries generally has come up with a sustainable solution that will ease the life of Gamblers and making Gambling a worthy activities that can profit every Gamers. The Concepts adopted by the team Smart Games will enable 90% winning potential for all Game lovers. Smart Games will be a Win-For- All Platforms.User who is not interested in Playing Games can easily aquire some tokens and freeze it on the Platform smart contract which will qualify them to be earning passive income every 12 hours. In some Platforms, dividend are paid every month to their various users but reverse is the case in Smart Games Platform . Users who hold their tokens and freeze on Platform Smart Contract receive dividends twice in a days. This is really amazing and profitable. In the preceding paragraph, i will discuss extensively on 2 types of cryptocurrecies currently in use on the Platform, the benefits which Smart Games will offer their users, the type of Games available in the Platform and some derivable benefits from the Platform.

What is Smart Games?
Smart Games is an epitome of Decentralization. It is gaming platform that ensures 100% Fairness ,high winning potential for their various users. Smart Games is powered by Tron Blockchain Network. The Purpose of this is to ensure efficiency, Speed, cheaper transaction and transparency.Tron Network is one among the fastest, cheapest and efficient Blockchain Network in the World. There is no doubt our user will have the best Gaming Experience.

TRX AND NSG TOKEN (explained)
Currently Smart Games Platform supports 2 Cryptocurrencies , namely : TRX AND NSG which are both TRC20 token based on Tron Blockchain. NSG token qualifies holders to receive dividends on the Platform profits. Users holding NSG will be entitled to dividends payment every 12 hours in the Platform . The dividends rate will depends on the Platform profitability. The total Supply of NSG Tokens is 150,000,000 no more no less. I know the question that will likely come to readers mind will be how to get the NSG token . As i did mention earlier , NSG is the native Cryptocurrency in Smart Games Platform , any holders of Smart Game token are opportune to receive dividends on the Platfofrm . Currently users can only earn NSG token by playing on Smart Games Platform with TRX. Playing Games on Smart Games Platform simply means mining SG token and this does not have anything to do with users winning or losing . In soonest time, users will be able to trade SG Token on Decentralized Exchanges.

Users who freeze their tokens in the Platform Smart Contract receive dividends twice daily on Smart Games Platform .These Dividends are generated from the Platform profitability. They are being paid from the profit made by the Platform and they vary , this means they are not fixed and they depend solely on the platform profitability. Users who want to earn dividend must freeze their tokens in the Dividends Window and they are being credited with TRX automatically with their due payments at the appropriate time frame. The Minimum token that will qualify user for Dividends payment is 1 NSG Token and in the process of freezing your Token on the Smart Contract user must have at least 1 TRX balance in their wallet which will facilitate the transaction process.

LUCKY ROLL : Being a newly created platform that is still undergoing development , the only Games that is currently available is LUCKY ROLL. It is a very user friendly game with high winning potential. Playing Lucky Roll is directives and simplified. The instructions to Play the Game is on the Platform .Other available Games that are under development and their developmental status are listed below:
1. Coin Flip :Progress: 38%

2. Moon :Progress: 35%

3. Tic tac toe

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