Real Estate can be purchased basically with intention of earning some good return on investment .It could be through the rental income, future resale of the property . Properties can be owned by individual investors or group of investor or corporation. The traditional system of Managing real real Estate consist so many shortcoming .Middlemen who are always Estate agent has created so much complication in the industry which make it lacks some element of transparency and creating needs to pay for brokerage service to the Estate Agent which will be additional expenditure. Real Estate is one among the best Investment in the World . An investor can make purchase of an Asset for the sake of allowing it to appreciate in the future for profitability .Today am focusing my topic of discussion on an inspiring Project named ELAD Network. It is a Blockchain Powered Real Estate Platform that comprises of Smart Contracts and the Artificial Intelligence (AI). The purpose of this Platform is to revolutionized the entire system in Real Estate industry by implementing Blockchain technology which will change the system of buying , selling , exchanging and investing on Real Estates Globally. The Team of ELAD is working effortlessly to make this happen and they are working in collaboration with various Government parastatals to turn their dreams into reality.

ELAD Team have this believe that everyone around the Globe should have easy access to investment opportunities in Real Estate irrespective of their geographical location and their national currency.ELAD will implements real estate in the way that will give investors full access and control to their various Assets . ELAD envision Blockchain technology will revolutionize Global smart cities and providing transparent details and access to services.

(i) Creating connectivity around the Payment networks

(ii) Quick and on Demand Settlement

(iii) Lesser operational and liquidity expenses

(i) CROWDFUNDING: Crowdfunding allows easy access to multi million dollars Real Estate investment . ELAD will combine P2P Exchange and invesment in single platform and creating opportunities for Global investors , reducing cost and Skipping cross boarder barrier of transaction.

(ii) CROSS BOARDERS: Cryptocurrency definitely has achieved it , It has bypassed the difficulties attached to using Fiat for international transactions and removing all barriers and complication created by some financial institution by establishing a Universal Real Estate Investment network which allows international transactions from any country of the world without any hindrances.

(iii) DECENTRALIZED SYSTEM : Decentralized system Powered on Blockchain so far has always yield positive results and it has never failed. Centralized system can destroy the entire System in case of any technical failure and eventually leading to misappropriation and render the operation failed. Every transactions conducted on Blockchain is transparent, immutable , secure , highly efficient and c ost effective.

(iv) SECURITY : Cryptocurrency are protected by the power of cryptography, every transactions can be seen , persnal details are kept confidential and every actions are conducted by Private Key owned by the users . Users information or funds cant be access without third party having their private Keys.This makes everyone their Banker. As long as you are holding your Private Key, you have become yourself Banker and your security is in your hand.

(IV) Ethereum Platform : ELAD Network is powered by Ethereum Blockchain . Ethereum Network is one among the Largest, fast and most efficient Blockchain Network .ELAD will provide the most fastest and efficient Platform where buying and Selling of Properties are conducted irrespective of their Location and their National currencies. ELAD through Blockchain has make Real Estate investment accessible to everyone Globally.

(a) CROSS BOARDER TRANSACTIONS : With the use of ELAD token Cross boarder financial transactions will be friction free . Investment in Real Estate are made easy for Global investors.

(b) Fast and reliable Property transactions : Blockchain technology has made that possible . Payment for buying and selling of properties are made within seconds through the Blockchain technology .

(c) Funds Trace ability : With decentralized nature of Blockchain , every transactions are transparent on Blockchain Network and this makes it accessible to everyone . Each and every unit of transactions conducted in the Platform can be traced on Blockchain Network.

(d) ERADICATION OF MIDDLE MEN : In the traditional set up or Centralized system there is always Middleman (Agents) . These so called Middlemen has posed so much complication in Real Estate industry and making things difficult for the investors due to their excessive brokerage service.ELAD Platform has completely eradicated the needs for middlemen by Implementing Blockchain technology, Blockchain Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence for the successful conducts of their operations.

(i) Elad tokens can be used as a currency for transactions in ELAD Platform , it is trade able at various cryptocurrency exchange and also holding ELAD tokens gives the holders right of company part ownership.
(ii) It is a very secure Digital assets that have potential of huge appreciation as the company grow.
(iii) Users can purchase Property with ELAD token irrespective of their Locations .
(iv) It qualify holders into prize draw to winning a house in United Kingdom.
ELAD Network will conduct ORDER BOOK EXCHANGE OFFERING (OEO). This is the safest means for investors to participate in ELAD token Sales and increasing potential for ELAD to be traded on exchanges. It worth considering this class of project for investment .Dont miss out. Be part of this amazing revolution in Real Estate industry.

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