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Tycoon is a social trading Platform built by team of Professional traders . It is a Platform centred solely on Cryptocurrencies trading..The Team of Tycoon having scrutinized the existing Platform for individual use has been unable to find a sutiable solutuon that will suit the needs of traders . This is one of the major reason why Tycoon has been developed to solve the problem of weak adoption of Cryptocurrencies and meeting the traders needs. A trader with less experience who

is not familiar with the market and some analytical tools like historical price movements, Market dynamics , the risk management and more .There is certainty this kind of trader cant succeed in trading and will also run at loss because they are not familiar with the market situation and the working of the market .Besides, a newbie in Crypto trading, let me say a trader in their first year in trading will automatically suffer losses before gaining their balances because they are not familiar with

how the market works. This is exactly the major reason why Tycoon platform has been developed. Inexperienced traders can easily follow the trading pattern of experienced traders and maximize profits in their daily trading. The basis of this class of Platform is to help in profit maximization for any class of traders be it experienced or inexperienced traders. Followers who follow and copy the trading pattern of professional traders minimize risk of suffering loss .
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Tycoon Platform has been developed by traders for the traders. This class of Platform meets every demands of the professional traders . Professional traders can only adopt the platform while the retails traders can take advantage from their choice of successful traders among the pool of traders available in the platform . The robust the pool , the more solid the ranking system and the more it become easy for retail traders to identify a professional traders with similar style of trading and who is willing to trade similar crypto currency . Being a professional trader, Tycoon platform founder understand what the Professional traders are finding but they

could not find it in the existing platforms. As a result of this , tycoon decided to build a Trading platform that suits the needs of Pro Traders , that is the key difference between ordinary trading platform and Tycoon platform . Profitability in trading will encourage traders and increase more adoption .in Tycoon Platform without adopting Pro traders , there is no use case for the retail traders.

By using Tycoon Platform , inexperienced traders, investors are able to excel and profit in Crypto trading . The investors will gain access to free Demo account , exploring the account and learning some things , gaining some experience in Crypto market . They can select their traders . The Platform will provide necessary guides for all users like creating wallet on the exchanges supported and all necessary procedures they need to go through.

By registering on Tycoon , investors get access to Experienced traders and cryptocurrencies and all available solution in the market. Tycoon published styles and pattern adopted by the traders in their own portfolio . Tycoon recognizes and processes all trades in real time. The features establish some kind of transparency in respect of past trading result analysis.


(i) Users are able to manage their investment at their choice of exchanges.

(ii) The platform implements Secured API connection.

(iii) Tycoon does not allow investment being stored on their platform

(iv) The Platform avail user chances of expanding different types of Cryptocurrencies and auto copying the assets from Pro traders. It enable users building their Portfolio and enjoying security and benefits of Large Exchanges in one place.

(v) COPY INVESTMENT : This feature enable beginners or followers to copying investment strategy from Professional traders without committing their investment into third party who can fraud them .

(vi) CLASSIFIED TRADERS: Pro Traders in the platform are classified according to their trading history and success records.Followers can make their choice of the trader to follow having review the traders details .

(vii) FOLLOWERS CONFIDENTIALITY : Followers on Tycoon Platform can operate anonymously

(viii) PROFIT FOLOWERS:Traders profit from their followers without having to manage their investment by them self

(ix) WITHOUT EFFORTS : in this case, traders make profit from the followers (ROI) without applying any additional effort.

(x) PRIVACY PROTECTION : Options is available for all users whether to work in anonymous mode or stay visible on the Platform

TYCOON TOKEN : The token is a native cryptocurrency in Tycoon Platform , it service as payment currency just like ethereum and BTC. Discounts are granted to users who uses Tycoon token i.e discount on fees and profit.

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