In today’s world, we all know the eSports has been well established we live in a society driven by gadgets and technology. But at a point, you start wondering and you ask yourself some certain questions like, Can the eSports go to another level? Like a level were by more pro players will be there? Like it will be more enticing and productive? and many more. Guess what? There is a solution. The LEAP PROJECT
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LEAP is building a blockchain platform to govern relations and transactions between major video game stakeholders in the eSports industry via smart contracts.

Just incase you dont know what eSport is. eSports is also known as electronic sports, competitive (video) gaming, professional (video) gaming, or pro gaming. eSport are a form of competition that is facilitated by electronic systems, particularly video games; the input of players and teams as well as the output of the eSports system are mediated by human-computer interfaces.


Lack of critical mass of pro players & teams

At the center of any sports are the athletes. By competing publicly, they create entertainment, which is watched online and offline. Without enough athletes there is no sports entertainment. And without entertainment, there are not enough sponsors and advertisers interested to devote budgets, which in turn finances athlete formation. For eSports to become mainstream, we need to have an infrastructure to the ource, nurture and form professional players. Today none of the infrastructures which exists in the traditional physical sports exists for eSports.

  1. No standardized contracts

Because the industry is still nascent, there are no standardized and fair contracts to govern relations. Since pro players are usually teenagers, pro teams and talent management companies abuse players’ immaturity and infect them and the whole eSports industry with bad practices from other industries.

  1. A small group of the eSports elite wants to control the industry

The first big companies and pro teams in eSports are trying to own the whole industry and control its evolution. Because the industry is still very young, these actors can pretty much do whatever they want. They buy up pro teams, tournaments, fund startups and even by people trying to create monopolies so eSports becomes just like any other sports industry, where a small group of super-rich control everything and the fans are destined to be just consumers.


LEAP aims to become the glue between eSports stakeholders and thus unlock the massive growth potential of the industry.


Smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain enable us to build a trusted environment where interactions and relations between stakeholders are logged. We will build standard contracts as well as an easy-to-use constructor for custom smart contracts. LEAP will firstly power the GameTapeducational universe and then expand to the whole industry.
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Each stakeholder entering the LEAP eSports ecosystem is defined by a wallet on the blockchain, which acts as his or her user-ID. The wallet/ID will be connected to an actual identity, and will be used throughout the lifespan of the user. Groups or companies will also be represented via such user-ID’s and smart contracts will enable everyone to interact and perform trusted transactions.

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LEAP presale is starting in the next 20 days from this time. LEAP tokens are the fuel on which eSports smart contracts will run. To use LEAP smart contracts and move value over the smart contracts, advertisers, and sponsors will need to pay a transaction fee with LEAP tokens.

● 60% Token Purchasers (20% reserved for future sale)

● 15% Ecosystem

● 15% Team

● 5% Bounty

● 5% Advisors, Media, Partners During the token sale, our smart contract will issue Ethereum ERC20 tokens to all crowd sale participants.

This ICO is for sure the next big thing in the world of eSports and promising. For me, am not missing out. I dont know about you but to get full details visit on any of the links below
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