Interesting ...

Would you swallow a random pill that you saw on the counter in the pharmacy? Of course not. You don't know anything about it!

But what if this pill came in a package with details from the manufacturer? And you had a prescription from your doctor? Further, what if you could independently test the pill's chemical composition and make sure it matches the label and prescription? Or (flash forward to 2049), suppose you could verify that the chemical composition of the tablet is suitable for your DNA and confirmed by clinical studies.

Would that pill be more valuable to you? Undeniably. Its value increases depending on how much reliable information about it you have, even though the properties of the pill did not change.

Today, financial assets are too much like that loose pill on the counter. You don't know enough about where it's been, what's in it, or what it will do to you.

But the process we call tokenization is going to make many assets a lot more attractive to a lot more investors, in part by providing an unprecedented level of information.