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Gambling is the process of playing a game for money, and typically involves placing bets or playing the odds in the hope of winning. Gambling is still incredibly popular due to the positive feelings or adrenaline rush gained from taking a risk – and this allure hasn’t changed since its invention. Despite the changes in the industry from the rise of technology, gambling and betting has continued to be a popular pastime and hobby.

From dice rolling and playing cards in 100 A.D. to a city of casinos and unmanned betting shops withtouch screen kiosks in the 21st century, it is evident that technology has changed the way people play. Dissecting the history of gambling and the platforms that support it provides insight into how and why technology has influenced this activity.

A casino is a facility which houses and accommodates certain types of gambling activities. The industry that deals in casinos is called the gaming industry. Casinos are most commonly built near or combined with hotels, restaurants, retail shopping, cruise ships or other tourist attractions.

Cryptocurrency, which is sometimes referred to as digital currencies operate independently of any central authority or banks and it is permissionless to use, the transaction is open & available for people to see.

Because it is decentralized, government authorities such as the Judiciary, Authorities in-charge of taxation, and the central banks do not find it appealing because it cannot be taxed and they don't have power to influence the transactions of traders/participants.

N.B: Cryptocurrencies Transaction cannot be cancelled, cannot be reversed and neither can it be disputed, This is the reason why newbies are advised to have someone who is experienced and careful to guide them whenever they want to carry out a transaction.

Cryptocurrencies can be obtained by buying/purchasing from a digital/crypto-currency exchange platform, The exchanger allows the trader to exchange their Fiat( paper currency) to Alt coins of their choice. The top five (5) cryptocurrency Exchange can be find below:

Changelly, and
Hobi Pro.

Cryptocurrency Trading platform have their own shortcomings such as: scalability, Cybersecurity issues, price volatility and lack of inherent value, Regulations, and abuse of trust which traders place on the crypto exchange all for the sake of profits, user-friendly interface, these shortcomings cause traders to panic.

As more technological inovations are uncovered, AIO Casino, a cryptocurrency casino, which aims to connect all possible games in the gambling industry on one platform came on board.


AIO Casino is a cryptocurrency casino, which aims to connect all the games that might exist in the gambling industry on one platform, and allow players to become part of the casino. The decision to do this is because most casinos only offer selected teams, and in the world developing players must also be involved in casino success.

AIO Casino is a cryptocurrency casino, which aims to connect all possible games in the gambling industry on one platform.

AIO CASINO wants to set the standard for Crypto Casino, where players can not only play all kinds of new games and games, but also be directly involved in the success of the casino.

AIO Coins are Ethereum Blockchain based ERC-20 tokens, which allow you to get several wins from the casino. We decided to make coins on Ethereum Blockchain because this blockchain is a famous, safe and universal solution that provides a high level of transparency and diversity in how to secure and store tokens for their owners.


An important part of AIO Casino is the game, as well as the development of new games, which were added afterwards. In our alpha version, AIO Dice, AIO Moon and AIO Spin games will be available. Meanwhile, there are also plans for the development of the AIO Lottery game. The AIO casino will operate under the Softswiss White Label license.

Game: AIO Dice

This game is called Dice, but it is not a luck and probability game that usually uses simple cubes with numbered sides. Instead, it’s a crypto-oriented dice game where you have greater reach and higher yield loyalty (0-99).

Game: AIO Spin AIO Spin

This game is quite simple. The game wheel will have a certain division, from which one can

expect certain benefits. Maybe we will design the game wheels so there will be 4 betting options. This is distributed according to the prize level on the game bike and if the player bets on the right betting option, he wins.

Game: AIO Moon

At AIO Moon players must bet in numbers and after the match starts, the month’s value

will go up and it will stop rising randomly. The player must stop missing before “Stop going up” or the user will lose.

The user will have the option to the month by clicking STOP. The month value will be independent and random between 1.00x and 9999x.

If you succeed for months, the payment will be in accordance with the MOON value. Losses will decrease accordingly.

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Instant Withdrawal

Instant deposits and withdrawals. Each user can immediately withdraw and save coins, from his AIO Casino account, without any conditions.

Benefits of AIO Holders

With AIO tokens you can participate in company profits and choose new games.

Encouraged by the community

The growing community of casino crypto players is the greatest asset and top priority. Feedback, ideas and opinions are always received from our players.

Proven fair

Maximum transparency and security are guaranteed by fully decentralized solutions and Smart Contracts.

Various kinds of games

Various game options present more variety for players.


The aim of AIO Casino is to offer casinos that not only offer games for players but will offer casinos, which also allow players to become part of the casino.

Casinos that not only offer small collections of games but also develop or support the creation of new games.

This gives players a lot of variety, which is not given in most casinos.

This is easier than you think, but many traditional and up-to-date cryptocurrency casinos still use the same game.


AIO Coins are ERC-20 tokens based on Ethereum Blockchain.

The main function of AIO tokens is to receive dividends from the casino if you want to “freeze” the coin.

Frozen Frozen Feature

The option is one of the special features for AIO tokens. By freezing coins, users really get it freeze their coins and receive dividends from the casino. If users freeze their AIO tokens, these tokens will be stored for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the user receives his first dividend. In addition, users get the ability to “cash in” their AIO tokens. Dividends are paid to the user account every 12 hours. Dividends are generated by betting commissions.

Token Details

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Name: AIOcasino

Token symbol: AIO

Total Supply: 2,900,000 AIO

Supply Sales: 2.320,000 AIOs

Blockchain used: Ethereum

Standard token: ERC20

Token Sale Price: 175,000 will be announced

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Q1 2019

Product Development / Concept Development

Token Development Development Offer

Q2 2019

Release Release white paper

Release website

Launch of the Bounty program

Private sales and Public Token Offers

Q3 2019

Listings List of First Exchange

Development of the AIO Lottery and new casino games

Launching Games: AIO Dice, AIO Moon, AIO Spin

Development and release of the alpha version of the AIO Casino

Q4 2019

Launch of AIO Casino Public beta launch

Expansion Global market expansion, research, customer development, marketing campaigns

Release of the AIO Lottery system

Q1 2020

AIO casino is launched with full functionality

Expansion of the game

Improvements to the platform

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