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In today's world, we are facing a big issue with the accounting system, precisely cryptocurrency portfolio's. We face security challenges also most account system is not user-friendly.
But there is good news. FINTAB is here. The Fintab team has gathered together to bring out a nice, unique idea to help the crypto space.

FinTab is a blockchain that shares the power to create and enhance the place of creative thinking. it is the strongest point of our realization. Fintab is the crypto market tool and platform for beta accounting on the block. it is our way of managing all your transactions details and keeping you well informed of all your e-wallet stands. our platform is our strong point in the place of credibility, user-friendliness, trust, honesty and the power of finite accounting.

Thus, we erupt the blockchain without decentralized API system for security and speed. This enables and equips our users with the strong point of harnessing and careful analysis of all deals. It is the window of great possibilities. Hence, with us, the place of accounts monitoring is safe and secured. We are your hope for positive and trustworthy management of cryptocurrencies funds solutions. Thus, do not be left out in our Pre-ICO and ICO starting in November and December concurrently. We provide the reward coinage and token strength from a limitless standpoint. We are the strength and hope bond of the Accounting sector in crypto-currency exchange.
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FinTab will be the only platform you will need to use and will receive absolutely all feedback through it. With minimal fees, it will certainly be cost-effective to keep up-to-date with all the changes that are taking place.
In addition to websites, it will also be available on mobile devices, which is certainly practical and makes it easy to access at any time. The Platform will drive the Ethereum network, which is also the most widespread, and among other benefits, decentralization, transparency, and definitely very smart contracts and associated ERC20 compatible tokens are highlighted.
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One way to get to tokens is directly through an initial public bid.
The sale takes place in 2 parts, the first one is in progress and runs until 12th November, while the second part will be held in December.
The token number to be sold in the sale is 28 000 000 FNT tokens, while the total number of tokens is limited to 35 million. In the first part, the price is set at $ 0.1 per token while in the other $ 0.4.
It's a long time to join the project and you can do it on the following link:
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