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Blockchain real estate. Several industries have lately discovered the sheer amount of positive utility the blockchain technology into their space. One of those industries happens to be the real estate industry. Real estate remains the largest asset class in the world and the value of real-estate market in the world is worth $217 trillion, which is one of the most recognized sectors in the world.

As of today, the acquisition of real estate is one of the easiest and safest ways to invest their own funds. This is due to the fact that this type of asset is not subject to inflation and has a relatively low level of risk. That is why the volume of investments in real estate continues to grow every year. Thus, last year the world real estate market grew by 15 percent and amounted to 8.5 trillion dollars. That is quite interesting, so why wouldn't you want to invest in real estate and the good news is ELAD NETWORK has created a revolutionary decentralized blockchain platform that will transform investment strategies and the real estate market as we know it. Using blockchain technology, smart contracts Artificial Intelligence and innovation, the equity ladder of ELAD Network will create a crypto and real estate portfolio to combine the liquidity of the world’s biggest asset class with the velocity of the newest.

Problems the Centralized Real Estate Industry Faces
Here are some of the main issues that hamper the real estate industry from functioning optimally:

Fraud: Both low-level petty renter fraud and high-level wire fraud are prevalent in the real estate industry. Fraud is responsible for millions lost annually. Centralized electronic fund transferring is not secure. Cybercriminals steal millions from purchase transactions. Additionally, pen-and-paper tenant screening creates a spotted and selective paper trail created by tenants themselves. Tenants choose their references and what rental history they share with landlords.

Inaccurate market data: Even popular platforms like Zillow fail to provide real-time data to investors and renters. There is no reliable hub with consistently updated listings for real estate professionals and buyers to rely on. This can result in time down the tubes as people tend to inquire about properties that have been long removed from the market. Data about a home that someone is buying can also be faulty.

Time intensive processes: To close a deal in the real estate industry, there are many moving pieces that all rely on paper processes. As technology evolves firms and agents struggle to keep up with the latest tech solutions. Between inspections, releasing contingencies, loan approval, unexpected repairs, completing cash transactions for closing, and completing all the necessary paperwork—closing a deal is an incredibly time intensive headache for both buyer, seller, and third-parties. Anyone who has bought or sold property can agree that it is a bureaucratic nightmare and complex event to orchestrate.

No means to protect client data: Cybersecurity risks plague real estate brokerages. They are unable to guarantee the security of client data, in addition to their own. Hoping for the best is never a excellent security strategy, but many real estate companies are doing just that. To purchase property, clients need to disclose an alarming amount of personal information to various parties, leaving them vulnerable to identity theft.

Financing difficulties: Securing a home loan can be incredibly difficult, especially for those with bad credit scores. Interest rates on home loans are often out of the buyer’s control and depend on the current market. The centralized loan and financial services system is highly bureaucratic and is likely to slow down the entire transaction. Relying on a centralized bank to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to your dream of becoming a homeowner can be discouraging and can even prevent some from buying altogether.

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ELAD (Equity Ledger Assets Decentralized) is a decentralized blockchain that will transform investment strategies and the real estate market as we know it. Using blockchain technology, smart contracts Artificial Intelligence and innovation, the equity ladder of ELAD Network will create a crypto and real estate portfolio to combine the liquidity of the world’s biggest asset class with the velocity of the newest. A variety of real estate transactions will be traded through the ELAD network platform, from traditional buying and selling to crowdfunding multimillion dollar investments. ELAD will bring together P2P exchange and investment in one place, opening doors, cutting costs and lowering barriers for all.

ELAD Network is a Real Estate platform with a difference. By taking advantage of the power of fractional ownership any property can be divided into different sized blocks we can provide investment opportunities from £50 to £50,000 up to the value of the property. Anyone has the ability to purchase these blocks but there are only a limited number available for each property, once owned there will be a monthly return on the profit which is directly relational to the size of the block that you have invested in (fractional ownership).

ELAD Network will combine Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence technology to create a Cryptocurrency and a Real Estate platform that will give everyone access to the liquidity of Real Estate, the world’s largest asset class.

How The Online Platform Works
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ELAD tokens can be used to participate in the exchange of real estate, or capital and returns earned on property.

Simply apply your ELAD tokens to your real estate of choice and receive profits from one of the top Cryptocurrencies. The platform will offer a wide range of opportunities, which will include investments for fractional ownership, crowd funding, p2p sales and lettings, buy to sell projects, new builds and real estate advertising.

The platform plans to offer global exposure to sellers and landlords of real estate, as well as vetted developers and companies that will be able to submit plans for future ventures to secure crowdfunding. By advertising for sales (local agents), lettings short (like Air BnB) and long (like Zoopla) creates access to pre-market opportunities and a rental client stream, simultaneously creating a demand for ELAD tokens, this will increase profitability and investment opportunities, cut costs and close the inefficient time wasting.

ELAD network will pave the way for the real estate industry to adopt the cryptocurrency class, as well as enable individuals to self-generate wealth in previously inaccessible markets.

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Why Ethereum?

Ethereum’s open source project for smart contracts has set the industry standard, along with producing human readable wallet addresses and domain names on their blockchain (ELADCOIN.ETH).

Ethereum has held a strong position in the top ten market cap of Cryptos, the Ethereum eco system, community, team and previous teams have shown leading innovation and strong growth of infrastructure in the Cryptocurrency space.

DAPP and smart Contracts
A “DAPP” is a decentralized application that runs on the blockchain. ELAD network DAPP enables customers to easily interact with blockchain and online platform and thus allow funding tracking, control, and liquidation, and multi-signature security, multifunctional vicinity in a better way. ELAD network DAPP combines buyers, dealers and interested parties to engage in promotions and market history.

ELAD Tech Ltd. will use previously tested and widely accepted smart contracts and code before applying it to any investments or advancements, all smart contracts will be independently audited by Castello and the results will be made public. Innovation and cooperation will insure the best infrastructure and developments can be utilized by ELAD Tech Ltd.

The self-executing Smart contracts with terms of settlement between client and seller are written in the form of code, which will exist throughout the ELAD network blockchain.


Problem The revolution of crowdfunding has opened new doors for many. But still holds barriers to entry, because many companies only allow credited investors with a minimum net worth, which only allows people that already have access to real estate and investments to participate. The ability to exit an investment still provides problems for people invested in crowdfunded property’s and normally have no say in the future decisions made for the property. ELAD network solution Small size block investment lowers barriers, secondary markets and tokens allow easy exit of investments, voting through tokens allow you to have your say on property’s your invested in. The ELAD network platform offers many different options for crowdfunding. A fantastic feature of crowdfunding combined with smart contracts is that if the desired funds are not achieved, they can be instantaneously returned to investors. By bringing together individual investors with fully vetted real estate companies and developers, value creation will be maximised and the true potential of the property market can be realized.


The Auction process is part of our secondary market, its purpose is for control and freedom to sell your assets at any time, and to give others opportunity to participate in previously up and running investment properties with track records. All the properties are divided into blocks, you can sell your block at any time through auction, the system runs similar to ebay and is open for anyone to buy through the secondary market. Block pricing is set by our Cryptocurrency price at the start of the auction, Blocks may gain in price due to bidding, as 1 block price rises, all other blocks gain in value due to an immediate increase in the asset value.


ELAD Tech LTD will utilize government backed legal structures to protect investors and secure investments. We will abide by all applicable laws, legislation and regulations of every geographical site in which we operate and invest.

This infrastructure is designed to create a template for other promising geographical Crypto hot spots backed by governments. This also means we may use our liquidity to facilitate faster transaction processing than traditional online business accounts, which is crucial for the instant payments needed for smart contracts. ELAD Tech Ltd. business accounts will be used for purchases, payments and rental income.

The ELAD network platform will use a two-type authentication to protect investors, and the ELAD DAPP may require multi-signature for investment access. Our site will run on a monitored cloud instance with automatic data replication across geographical territories (data protection allowing) along with virtual layers to protect our hardware and keep threats and costs down.

Storage and safe transactions
ELAD Cryptocurrency can be saved on hardware wallets like Trezor or Ledger Nano s. This allows user to “cold shop” (keep the tokens offline) ELAD, supplying decentralized and pressure free possession.

• ELAD Tech Ltd. And ELAD network’s statistics cab be saved and hashed at blockchain.

• Our DAPP and smart contracts will interact with our platform and blockchain to create a comfy and secure investing approach for all.

The ELAD network portfolio may be prevented from converting legal guidelines, market situations, financial policies or any other unexpected activities, which may assets into liabilities. Loss of massive quantities of credit score improves profits with aid of decreasing interest fees along with shielding traders from increases in primary bank prices. This leads to increase in interest value.

Buyers that want to grow their crypto portfolio can experience monthly bills to leverage their future in the rapid new asset class.
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ELAD Tokens and EQ coins (Equity coins)

ELAD tokens
The ELAD token complies with the ERC20 popular and are deployed on the Ethereum network, which can be used as storage of price or a medium of exchange such as bitcoin. It also includes various other alt cash and clone token with more functionality.

• ELAD tokens may be sold with fiat or cryptocurrencies
• It can be traded and saved
• ELAD tokens can be converted to EQ coins at the ELAD platform and this enables investors to participate easily
• Via exchanges like different alt coins in the fractional ownership and crowdfunding of actual estate.

Defining EQ coins:
• It defends individual person property fairness and liquidity
• It permits transactions on an established real estate without affecting other buyers
• It provide economic and rights to real estate

More about EQ coins
• It can be best traded internally at the platform with ELAD tokens
• It performs as a mini clone token of ELAD Crypto currency
• It delivers voting rights at the ELAD platform and individual residences
This incentive preserves thriving, healthy ecosystem for the ELAD Network, and blockchain.

What does the EQ coin technology?
• Produces the token which can be used to offer explicit support to a movement or a campaign, like polling or crowdfunding
• Generates the token to enable token holders to independently acquire monthly and finished challenge payments.

ELAD Token Distribution Mint

100,000,000 ELAD Tokens will minted on a fix supply, the reserve may be stored or burnt after Token sale which may alter the available supply.
A maximum of 15% of the total supply will be used as a long-term incentive, to ensure alignment of founder’s interests with investors, engage partners into the ELAD community and grow app loyalty.
10% of ELAD tokens may be held in a reserve to provide immediate liquidity if ELAD tokens have high demand once listed on exchanged. Any unused tokens may be burned after 12 months or kept and locked for future growth.
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