Independent contractors and freelancers are hardly noticeable today. Basically, every company has hired a contractor or freelancer at least once. This is where Opporty shines.
This platform connects contractors and freelancers with business owners who are willing to pay for their services. If any company is looking for experienced employees, Opporty will be the perfect platform to sign up to find it.
Freelancers can count on the user-friendly Opporty environment as well. While looking for a good job as a freelancer is quite difficult these days, Opporty can help. This allows freelancers to be recognized for their amazing work and receive a steady stream of paying orders.
Human networks are the main ingredients that provide a business perspective for the future. Opporty.com , an innovative startup from NYC, has positioned its business model to maximize the principle of “human network”.

Opporty mission
Revolutionize the way small businesses and individual providers request and offer services. By utilizing blockchain technology, we specialize to create a world where companies use secure, tough and unchanged contracts that rival regular transactions and payment systems offered by corporate financial institutions, and that does not depend on the state for law enforcement.

Opporty.com is free. When you enter a business, you have access to unlimited offers and a number of requests and responses, which allow you to attract an immediate audience. 
Top-notch exposure opportunities for important audiences 
Every business provider and service that has access to a large free Oppory base and results.
Cryptococcal buys :
The Opporty team establishes a regular repurchase system to support the issued token value and recognizes the most active members of the Opporty community.
Opporty’s unique advantages are possible because of the unique ecosystem that combines a user-friendly market with blockchain power. Opport users can submit requests, make offers, respond, and contribute knowledge-sharing content in the easiest and easily digitized way.
All the functions mentioned above are based on the latest platform that has been built with passion and strong attention to detail. As such, it works smoothly and enables high-end interaction with the site and its features.
Escrow Protection for Escrow companies and service providers 
protects unscheduled users. A quick and unusual way
The Escrow Council of experts selected by the 
Escrow Board acts as a decentralized, useful and general voting system that makes decisions about conflict arising transparently and unbiased.


Sales Token

More info:
ICO WEBSITE : https://opporty.com/ico/
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2172536
WHITPAPER: https://opporty.com/ico/uploads/white-paper.pdf
My Bitcointalk Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1048662
My Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoKb8l6T6TN3dk9_9CvTnvw