Swidex is a Decentralized trading platform Powered on Ethereum Blockchain .It aims to create a total Decentralized exchange which is eco friendly,very fast and highly secured for Peer to Peer (P2P) Crypt assets trading. Ethereum Blockchain is a widely adopted Network by majority of developers because most of them are used to their programming language, efficiency and reliability. Over 60% of Digital assets operates on Ethereum Network before their mainnet. Some Projects prefer not even considering the options of Mainnet. Swidex Decentralized Exchange will be built on Ethereum Network .

CENTRALIZED SYSTEM OF TRADING :The Centralized exchanges are the earliest form of Cryptocurency exchange and have gained more ground in Crypto Space due to majority of users adoption.These Centralized Exchanges functions as an intermediary between the traders.The Exchange have their personal wallet in which users will have to make deposit on their Platform before he could execute trades on the Platform .One major shortcoming is lack of independence , the users assets are being stored by the administrator making it not secured enough.
Since the operation in the Centralized system is predominantly managed by an administrator,these created so many loopholes in the system of Centralized exchange .History has revealed an alarming rate of hacks and users accounts being frozen without any initial warning and many more. The major barrier is lack of privacy because the system is completely Centralized. Sometimes, death of CEO of exchanges who hold the private Key of the exchange wallets leads to closure of the exchange and loss of funds to the users.Millions of dollars has reported being stolen by hackers from all these Centralized exchangers which often resulted into Closure of the exchange. A glaring example is that of MTGOX exchange,recent Cryptopia hack, Binance though the operation in Binance has fully restored and none of the non of the traders suffered any form of loss. There are so many barrier attached to Centralized exchanges which makes it not worthy of serving long term in Crypto industry. In the future , people will switch to Decentralize exchange platform because of the benefits it holds for users.
Swidex P2P Digital Assets trading Platform provide an open P2P Decentralized Crypto trading platform that offers efficient, fast , secured and reliable service in which the users are able to carry out their trading activities without any intermediaries or obstructions. Swidex is a trading Platform in which traders are able to trade independently without any third party creating any kind of limitation .Swidex vision is to provide a Decentralize system of trading (P2P) adopting Smart Contract technology.Burning Protocol will be implemented in which Swidex tokens are slowly burn till it reached 1.5 billion(30%)total supply which are burned.These policy are being implemented in other to allow tokens gained value.Holders of Swidex earned Dividends in Ethe on quarterly basis .
Swidex (SWDX) tokens are powered by Ethereum Blockchain based on ERC20 . The total supply is 5 billion units of SWDX .It is the native token of Swidex Platform and empowering liquidity in the Platform.
Official Resources
WEBSITE: http://swidex.trade/
WHITEPAPER: http://swidex.trade/swidex.pdf
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MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@swiftlance.org/
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/UPqAT78/
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Swidex/

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