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SERO is the world's first privacy chain that allows DApp planners and developers to make privacy-guaranteeing digital forms of asset that helps smart contract and use the privacy-verifying crypto measures in the DApps. The anonymity relies upon Zero Knowledge Proof.

Privacy affirmation is a strong enthusiasm for individuals and relationship as a general rule. SERO reinforces Turings Complete Smart Contracts exercises and diverse related privacy portions which can support the augmentation of different monetary framework. The issuing of the anonymous asset is never again specific to a relatively few that have expansive learning of cryptography. General structure and framework designers, with the business needs to issue anonymous resource can issue their own one of a kind anonymous tokens on the SERO chain and develop their very own privacy framework subsequently, phenomenally developing the usage of the blockchain systems. Here are some common use circumstances underneath.

Supply Chain System

The blockchain can deal with the issue of upstream and downstream trade vouchers and detectability of the inventory network structure, unravel the organization of store network focal associations and giving relating answers for financing of upstream and downstream undertakings. Regardless, sensitive data, for instance, costs and measure of product are confronting the issue of releasing aggressive innovations when they are on the blockchain. With SERO system, the issue of prologue to competitive innovation can be completely fathomed and meanwhile the sharing social affairs can value the points of interest brought by the utilization of blockchain structure.

Benefits Of Building on Sero Dapps platform

  • You can create personal account administration for your users.

  • Accessibility from all devices.

  • Identify your client's demography, personal information, Interests.

  • Secure login to your application

  • Imminent engagement with applications that follow the trends.

  • Occupy your customers with an interactive mobile application.

  • User data – The defined architecture of Enkronos Apps permits a developer to have an understanding of diverse types of user data. All General Data Protection Regulation compliant.


Advanced protection in all parts of medical treatment and services. From individual therapeutic records to recovery records, multi-use privacy and approval components require truly adaptable and secure alternatives to ensure classification, including emergency hospitals, patients, insurance agencies, pharmaceutical organizations, etc. The SERO system solves the privacy issues that patients face. In addition, clinics, as well as authorize insurance agencies and pharmaceutical organizations to accept safety regulations and use important information with the permission of patients.

Sero Wallet

sero wallet can be downloaded from the links provided below; sero wallet is secure, it also ensures the safety of individuals & institutions funds alike. The wallet ensures privacy protection of a wide range of #dapps thereby making it impenetrable to access because they integrated the NZIK encrypted algorithm. This also implies that the blockchain technology can be used as an opportunity to earn more money by making more business opportunities available in the near future protecting the data of users.

Sero Token

sero token is the native token of its platform, It was created to be used as the customary mode payment for all transactions carried out on the platform to ensure added bonuses and discounted service charges users will have to hold and make use of the sero tokens. To preserve the token value and token demand the team has a tactical protocol set in place, all unsold tokens will be burnt to reduce the total supply. No other token will ever be minted, mined or created. The sero tokens will do much much more, it will be used to reward or incentivize bookkeeping, community members who add to platform development will also be rewarded, sero can be used on DAPPS (decentralized application), etc.


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SERO trading on quite a few exchanges

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