Sparrow Crypto options Exchange offers complete cusotomizable trading options on Crypto without risk in a user friendly interface.Sparrow is one among the top Platform for options trading which is powered by Smart Contract.It allows both institutional traders and various i individual users to trade options to buy , store and trade crrypto assets options in a conducive, secure and transparent manner.It was founded by Kenneth Yeo and Adrian Tan in Singpore in the year 2018.
The founders of Sparrow are professionals with wealth of experience , both of them are experienced in proprietary and derivatives trading in a fully regulated markets.Sparrow Team is dedicated to serving needs of crypto market with the necessary required mechanism for the risk control.

The Vision and Mission of Sparrow.
Sparrow is working towards becoming one of the top Global Cryptocurrency option Platform .The platform envisioned to give access and absolute confidence to users to trade on anything . Below are the important values of Sparrow:
(i) Empowerment: Sparrow intends to empower any class of user to trade with confidence and consistency by developing the tools which will facilitate traders to trading completely in a very secured environment.Customers are treated with utmost care in Sparrow Platform .
(ii) Collaboration : The Team of Sparrow believe so much in collaboration, partnering with exchanges, industry and regulators in other to serve the Global users better.
(iii) Responsible : Sparrow Developers believe in being responsible for their actions .Users are treated fairly in Sparrow Platform
(iv) Sparrow enable their various users to trade confidently , they are the top and learning platform for option trading . Sparrow Platform creates empowerment for different kinds of user.i.e Institutional traders and individual trader the options settled by Smart Contract.It allows users taking control of their trade and trading with confidence.

Reliability : Sparrow options trading are powered on Ethereum Smart Contracts which ensures transparency in the settlement of Digital Asset.
Security:Sparrow Platform have an highly sophisticated Security system which makes trading more secured and reliable for the user. The traders assets are highly secured.
Simplicity: Sparrow trade options are 100% covered and offer simplicity in the risk management and enhancing trade returns.Sparrow Trade options offering: These consist of what Sparrow has to offer their various user
(i) Sparrow options provide more liquid in comparison with OTC option and are more flexible comparing it to the traded options.Traders enjoy everything .
(ii) Sparrow TradeBoost and TradeProtech :offering simple products which anyone can make use of .Users create options following 3 easy steps.
(a) (CFN) ConvertNow Facility:This option allows users swapping their digital assets instantly at any particular amount and at a very good market price . This system is simple , easy, secure and require zero fees.
(b) API trading : Offering APIs trading with a very good and attractive volume based rebates for Experts.
It is of paramount importance for Sparrow to protect their traders from any security threats.They implements industrial best system and strategies in Cyber security to secure their platform and ensuring the safety of users assets.Sparrow Platform Collaborates with some security experts to ensure their Platform are maximally protected every time.
In other to facilitate Huge risk control into Sparrow Exchange ,the Platform has partnered with Kyber Network which will make provision for the option contracts for the Global Decentralized Liquidity network.. Kyber Network will be a core partner to the Sparrow Platform in other to fulfil their vision of providing the World total confidence of trading anything.The Collaboration will focus on Risk control, market making , Providing liquidity and technology improvement for both platforms.

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