Playkey brings a revolution in cloud technology compared to the basic use of cloud technology such as storage, calls etc. For games, every gamer will soon be able to transfer streaming video games from the Internet as well as any streaming media. Playkey plays 3D games on cloud servers, instantly encodes each frame and transmits the results to any device with a wired or wireless high-speed connection to the Internet. Simply, Playkey is that project that aims to provide a platform for cloud gaming to gamers. With Playkey one can play top-rated games on their devices.
As discussed earlier that the gaming sector comprises of a tedious process of game streaming software development. It also involves getting approval from game developers and publishers prior to using their game titles on the cloud platform. Moreover, the high cost of hardware and external equipment also adds to the disadvantage. Gamers find themselves spending on professional GPU’s, server equipment, data storage equipment amongst other things. All these factors make for a very problematic situation that definitely has room for improvement. This is the reason why Playkey will be a big step for gaming.
By considering playkey, you stand to benefit fromthe following advantages:

  1. games on any device: High-quality games with low latency on any PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone and TV.
    2, simple access: access at any time to the library of games and saved games on the cloud. Start or continue playing from any device anywhere.
    3, less barriers: there is no need for new hardware. No complicated setup. No discs for games. No digital downloads. There are no game settings. No game patches.

Playkey is trying to use blockchain technology to bring gaming to the cloud. Playkey will make use of the blockchain community to create a highly connected system with miners working as cloud gaming service providers. They will even be using their unique token for payment transactions and will have smart contracts in place to enable a high standard of cloud gaming service. There are certain Features in which playkey comes alongside with;

  1. dozens of independent owners of powerful computers around the world (“miners”) are joining the community and acting as providers of cloud gaming services;
  2. a single universal crypto currency is used — the PKT token, the emission of which will be effected through the ICO mechanism;
  3. there are unified high standards of cloud gaming services (service level agreements), prescribed in a smart contract;
  4. Playkey Fund is an authority that manages and regulates community work, issues PKT tokens and is responsible for the maintenance and development of the ecosystem.

The Playkey Foundation
The Playkey Foundation is a management company within the Playkey ecosystem that will promote the platform, formulate the basic rules of the ecosystem and develop a strategy for its development. The Playkey Foundation will lead the development of tools through which ecosystem partners can develop and benefit each other, and finance this development. The Playkey Foundation will develop this activity by involving development teams that will improve the technological basis of the Playkey Ecosystem. All financial income from the miners will be accumulated in the Playkey Fund, which will finance the development of the Playkey ecosystem.

The main objective of the Foundation is to develop an open and playful ecosystem that is valuable to users and provide open and sustainable platforms for miners (and other service providers) to expand, deliver, optimize their services and attract users.The Fund will be responsible for managing the Playkey company and financing the development of its software. Playkey will also negotiate with game publishers and resolve all legal issues related to the placement of games on the system.

Based on the look of things from the gaming world, its future is dependent on cloud gaming and also mere looking at the market analysis of the gaming industry, you will find out this place is worth investing in, alongside the benefit and advantages which playkey offers makes it worthy of your investment.
For the Token sale, A total of 100,000,000 PKT tokens will be issued out during the crowdsale. 
The Pre-ICO ended on the 26th October, 2017 
ICO starts on 1st November and will run till 30th November 2017 
ICO Price: 1PKT = 0.009 ETH

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