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The Financial Market
The financial market has experienced several ups and downs, ranging from stock market expansion to online industry metamorphosis, major economic meltdown and what-have-you not. In some years back, the world was shocked with the breakdown of the world’s economy. Enthusiasts were quick to blame the breakdown on major banking institutions while market participants were just left to face their fates and strive again. This first major breakdown of the world’s currency was attributed not to carelessness of the major banking institutions but on the failure of the system to embrace the digital age in keeping financial records and lack of transparency of record cataloguing.

The Blockchain
Blockchain technology with its transparency is the only way forward for fair and fair trade in the world of finance. Blockchain allows you to decentralize the exchange of digital data between participants using the following registration functions that record all transactions. The process is fully transparent throughout the transaction and is fully traceable, irreversible and unchanged. The network guarantees the authenticity and authenticity of each transaction, and fraudulent activity is quickly leveled.

The blockchain technology also revolutionized the entire financial and online market; giving a fair, automated and transparent financial experience without the hurdles of the hitherto centralized institutions. By the way, a blockchain can serve as "an open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties resourcefully and in a verifiable and permanent way. I'd be letting you on an incredible platform Zipcoin revolutionary platform. The team has developed a revolutionary decentralized remittance and payment solution which will enhance businesses and individuals in the $104B remit industry. ZIPCO token revolutionizes the remittance and trading industries with the creation of its EOS blockchain powered payment system, which facilitates all types of P2P remittance and trading businesses a safe, secure, swift and reliable payment solution.

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ZipCoin is a blockchain based decentralized remittance and installment arrangement which will improve organizations and people in the $104B transmit industry. ZIPCO token upsets the remittance business with the making of its EOS blockchain fueled installment framework, which encourages a wide range of remittance organizations a protected, secure, quick and solid installment arrangement.

To make financial exchanges simple and to dispose of the ordinary installment strategies, the organization presents its ZIPCO token, which makes all remittance exchanges workable for dispatch organizations around the world.

To give the administrations reasonable, solid, bother free, verified and helpful cash exchange administrations to our esteemed clients. To look after joint effort, commitment and deep rooted association with our clients by giving altered remittance to guarantee great corporate administration and uprightness in managing clients.

To make financial exchanges simple and to dispose of the traditional installment techniques, the organization presents its ZIPCO token, which makes all remittance exchanges workable for transmit organizations around the world.

ZIPCON Token is a computerized cash, which goes for improving one of the greatest enterprises on the planet. The advanced cash brings together all areas of the dispatch business making financial exchanges less expensive, protected and consistent. It is the standard method to send cash utilizing our most reduced standard expense, get paid by enlisting your companions, and get free ZIPCO tokens by turning into a part or by simply sending more cash home. ZIPCO s are exceedingly foreseen tokens to pick up in esteem; while enabling our clients to exploit our most reduced handling expense and spare more cash in their pockets. ZIPCO token takes into account a simple and available installment framework for the transmit business. It gives clients opportunity to dispatch and send cash from the solace of their own homes without paying high exchange charges. The ZIPCO token is staying put and will go about as a substitute to customary installment strategies.

The innovation is viewed as the most dominant, adaptable and versatile; can execute high number of clients and exchanges up to 100 million exchanges for each second. BITCOIN blockchain handles up to 4 million while Ethereum handles up to 15 million. Envision that!

ZipCoin is developing and having solid nearness in and around Africa.

This is an undertaking that will alter the remittance space. We are network shop so every help from every one of the networks help.

ZipCoin is based on the most up to date blockchain innovation called Epic Operating System (E-OS) blockchain innovation.

With EOS it implies we are giving an esteem added advantages to our clients, for example, no understanding of gas-our clients can exchange their EOS blockchain tokens starting with one wallet then onto the next for nothing (BIG Savings).

Have you overlooked your wallet address and secret phrase and can't figure how to get to your tokens any more? Indeed, I've and we have you secured with EOS blockchain clients can recoup their record data at the tips of their fingertips

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ZipCoin will utilize the business best practices as far as security measures and planned our stage to incorporate top-level security highlights to defend both the customer's assets and trading tasks from unfriendly infiltration endeavors. A portion of the key security highlights include:

Secure cold stockpiling with cold wallet the executives Cryptocurrency Security Standard(CCSS).

Third-party security line by line code review.

Insurance of on the web/hot wallets.

Up to 3-Factor Authentication.

Multi-Firewall Protection.

DDoS counteractive action.

OWASP Top 10 Compliant.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate.

Tokens and ICO Details

ZIPCO token is developed using EOS blockchain technology. Unlike Ethereum ERC-20 based tokens, EOS token does not require gas fee. EOS blockhain allows the user to recover their passwords at glance; whilst you can't recover your credentials with ETH. Moreover, there is no concept of mining and token fork. The technology is highly efficient, scalable and can process up to 100 millions transactions per second using Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS). Those means ZipCoin customers can save more in their pockets.

ZIPCO tokens are used to facilitate transactions on the ZIPCOIN platforms and other products and services the company plans to develop. ZIPCO will also provide discounted rates, rewards, loyalty programs and other value-added benefits.

Token Details

Token Name: ZIPCO

Currencies Accepted: BTC, ETH, EOS, USD

Soft Cap: 3M USD

Token Type: EOS

Total Tokens to be Sell: 275,000,000

Hard Cap: 7M USD

Total Supply: 500,000,000

Public Round Bonus: 15%

Private Round Bonus: 25%

Price: 1 ZIPCO = 0.05 USD

Unsold Round Bonus: All Burned

Token Distribution

ZIPCO total token supply is 500,000,000 tokens. The initial price of 1 ZIPCO will be $ 0.05 USD. In total, for the further development of the platform, ZipCoin developers intend to collect in the course of public sales of 7,000,000 USD.

The token will be distributed as follows:

ICO - 30%
Pre-Sale - 20%
Bounty - 30%
Seed Investors - 5%
Private Round4%
Founders & Leadership - 3%
Development Teams - 3%
Airdrop - 3%
Incentives - 2%

Token Sale
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