We are in a changing world where things are moving from the physical to the digital realm, making the digital realm even real and important bringing a lot of things into play. A major example is eSport. Firstly, lets look into eSports. eSports is also known as electronic sports, competitive (video) gaming, professional (video) gaming, or pro gaming. eSport are a form of competition that is facilitated by electronic systems, particularly video games; the input of players and teams as well as the output of the eSports system are mediated by human-computer interfaces. Most commonly, eSports take the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players.
As stated earlier, being of the fact that the world is changing, the virtual realm gets more serious and a lot is being implemented in here. Sooner, the virtual world might be the major aspect of reality. This brings me down to eSport being in this virtual world giving it a great chance to gain more importance than all other sport. Leap project is simply going to fuse blockchain technology and esport. 
LEAP is building the blockchain connecting fans, pro players, pro teams, sponsors, tournament organizers, and game publishers via smart contracts. For the first time in history you can be much more than just a fan. Now you can benefit from the massive growth of eSports and decide how your favorite sport will evolve. Think of LEAP as FIFA (federation which organizes the world cup) for eSports.
Watch introduction video: https://www.facebook.com/leap.esports/videos/160596487870797/

LEAP will enable anyone to benefit from the growth of the virtual worlds. The virtual world will keep growing because technologies emerge day by day and virtual technology is being applied in all aspect. Virtual technology will become the next reality. Esports is today there where soccer was more than 100 years ago. Worldwide 200 million people play games such as League of Legends and 100 million watch others play. Today’s youth is already more interested in video games than actual sports like tennis, soccer, and football. Esports will keep expanding as every next teenage generation will grow up playing video game eSports and will keep on watching eSports as they get older — just like all sports fans watch traditional sports for fun because they used to play them as kids. 
Looking into eSports market, it is already closing in on a Billion dollar if you only count advertising and sponsoring. But if you count game-developers, hardware, pro player management, betting, skin/marketplaces … the industry is already over $50B. And this is only the start. Getting into eSports right now is a no-brainer. LEAP is bringing blockchain and smart contract into esport. LEAP is having a token sale in which its pre-sale will start 20 days from now. This is the perfect way for LEAP to get widespread support and a critical mass of players, coaches, fans, and sponsors to adopt the LEAP smart contracts platform and to become ambassadors of the eSports World Cup.

LEAP is trying to solve certain problem as related to esports. Currently,there is no independent federation like FIFA for eSports because probably organizations arent seeing the bright side in the long term of this aspect of sport. The fact that theres no team leading this aspect of sport is why LEAP is coming up to solve this. 
Also, there is lack of critical mass of pro players & teams. This simply means esport is not well advertised unlike other sports in which everyone gather to see. Leap is trying to make esport a form of entertainment for both online and offline. Also, there are few pro-players and teams in this aspect of sport bringing about a major problem if at all esport is to go publicly. At the center of any sports are the athletes. By competing publicly, they create entertainment, which is watched online and offline. Without enough athletes there is no sports entertainment. And without entertainment, there are not enough sponsors and advertisers interested to devote budgets, which in turn finances athlete formation. LEAP is trying to solve all these problems by creating a platform in which professional players will be nurtured and more pro players will be developed. LEAP project us going to be a huge step in the world of Esport. LEAP project will bring also bring order into the world of esport. Being the fact that the industry is young , No one will be able to manipulate things anyhow. Things has to be done to protocol for the development of the Esport industry unlike a small group trying to own the whole industry taking advantage of its under development. So many more problems associated with the Esport industry. Read more here: https://leap.gg/assets/docs/LEAP-WhitePaper.pdf

As explained earlier, LEAP aims become the glue between eSports stakeholders and thus unlock the massive growth potential of the industry. Smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain enable us to build a trusted environment where interactions and relations between stakeholders are logged. We will build standard contracts as well as an easy-to-use constructor for custom smart contracts​. LEAP will firstly power the GameLeap educational universe and then expand to the whole industry.
In LEAP’s platform, Each stakeholder entering the LEAP eSports ecosystem is defined by a wallet on the blockchain, which acts as his or her user-ID. The wallet/ID will be connected to an actual identity, and will be used throughout the lifespan of the user. Groups or companies will also be represented via such user-ID’s and smart contracts will enable everyone to interact and perform trusted transactions. stake holders such as fan, talent, coach, pro player, pro team national leagues, esport world cup, game publisher, advertisers etc. For more information, see the Whitepaper.

LEAP presale is starting in the next 20 days from this time. LEAP tokens are the fuel on which eSports smart contracts will run. To use LEAP smart contracts and move value over the smart contracts, advertisers, and sponsors will need to pay a transaction fee with LEAP tokens. 
● 60% Token Purchasers (20% reserved for future sale) 
● 15% Ecosystem
 ● 15% Team 
● 5% Bounty 
● 5% Advisors, Media, Partners During the token sale, our smart contract will issue Ethereum ERC20 tokens to all crowd sale participants.

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Telegram: https://t.me/leaptoken
Whitepaper: https://leap.gg/assets/docs/LEAP-WhitePaper.pdf
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