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Since the emergence of blockchain technology in 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced bitcoin,there have been rigorous efforts to apply the blockchain to several aspects of the global business process, Blockchain technology has been described as having the potential to disrupt many industries with low-cost transaction, immutability, and enhanced security. In the years that have followed, many other blockchain implementations have been developed with each one exhibiting unique features tailored to specific use-cases.

Blockchain has made it possible to issue just about any asset via a distributed ledger framework. With the aid of cryptocurrency tokens, these assets can be given economic value in order to initiate and validate several transactional processes. Several on-chain protocols have been developed by a number of startups and established companies alike in order to create blockchain-based solutions.


SMATHIUM is a blockchain-based loyalty platform aiming to solve the key challenges facing traditional loyalty programs. A decentralized Application (dApp) where all businesses can create their own loyalty reward programs powered by a single token. A single united loyalty point system in small on/off-line retails around the globe involving everyday life. Cafe, restaurants, grocery store, and even shopping mall. A survey by CodeBroker shows that at least 54% of consumers are frustrated with their loyalty reward programs.

The reasons for the frustrations include lack of differentiation and the fact that the majority only provide limited benefits. Also, implementing a robust loyalty reward program tends to be ridiculously expensive locking out the majority of businesses. While incumbents such as departmental stores and airlines can afford to provide high value membership programs to their customers, small and medium enterprises cannot. Smathium aims to bridge this gap by building a multi-business loyalty reward platform that is open to all types of businesses.

At the heart of this platform is the goal of creating long term value for customers rather than serving as a short-term promotion. As a unified medium of exchange between users and brands, Smathium token can be used for transactions across all businesses registered on our platform and can be traded in exchanges. Moreover, Smathium is creating an additional feature where brands can connect their existing loyalty programs to a blockchain network.

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Enjoying Membership Benefits Like That of a Department Store

Anyone including app businesses and small merchants can provide their own unique membership programs to customers. Also, they can provide differentiated membership programs to their loyal customers.

Smathium benefits at a shopping mall

Shopping malls can provide membership benefits appropriate for consumer experience instead of providing simple coupons

Single Unified Coin

Customers can receive their rewards in a single form of cryptocurrency instead of different points for each brand. Smathium guarantees the rightful assets to its customers.

Tradable Benefits

Brands participating in the Smathium Platform can buy and sell their benefits. Additionally, the membership program becomes a new sales channel for large scale sales for the brands.

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Token symbol: SMT

Type: ERC20

Total supply: 10 Billion SMT

PreICO price: 1 SMT = 0.003 USD

Price in ICO: 0.0060 USD

Average price: 0.01 USD

ROI: 66.67%

BONUS pre-ICO: 50% discount

ICO as IEO: 10% discount

Tokens for sale: 4,000,000,000

Min. investment: 10 USD

Accepting: ETH, True USD, USD Coin, Paxos Standard, Dai

Distributed in ICO: 40%


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Q1 2019

Prepare white paper and website.

Open Smart Contract to public.

Start SMT sale.

Q2 2019

Launch SMT-Service App.

(MiteNews(News-App) and else). Service initial promotion / Securing users. Proceed development of SMT-Service(App) (2nd).

Q3 2019

Launch SMT-Service App (2nd).

Expand Loyal Factory Partnership.

Release SMT Wallet App(Android).

List on exchange.

Q4 2019

Launch Loyal Factory(version 1.0).

Enter global service (Southeast Asia).

Release SMT Wallet App (IOS)

List on additional exchange and expand partnership.

Q1 2020

Expand Loyal Factory Partnership.

Develop/Launch SMT-Service(App).

Enter global service (North America).

Q2 2020

Launch Loyal Factory (version 2.0). Expansion of Loyal Factory’s 3rd party

and partnership. Develop additional module.


Changgyeom Kim: Planning Manager

Byungjin Kim: General Manager

Jaejoon Kim: Project Manager

Mihee Park: Financial Manager

Joseph Hyun: Team Lead Manager

Jee Ju: Chief Blockchain officer

Hyun Jung Choi: R&D Manager

Byung Jin Choi: Legal manager

Jongkyung Park:System Security

Seungjae Shin: General Manager


Eun Suk Lee: Project Advisor

Doo Yong Jung: Project Advisor

Jonathan Hong: Technical Advisor

Hsiao Yun Fang: Project Advisor

Jin Eub Joo: Project Advisor

Joo Ho Yoo: Project Advisor

Ki Won Kwon: Project Advisor

Philip Cho: Project Advisor

Hwanho Lee: Project Manager

Nathan Kisung Hong: Project Advisor


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