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A new era of currency began with the arrival of Bitcoin in 2009 and thus, cryptocurrencies started to build up the momentun that would allow them to dominate the financial market. Thanks to the innovative Blockchain technology, new cryptocurrencies emerged, each one with distinct characteristics that would not only set them apart from the rest, but would also provide investors with a whole different variety of benefits that have not only revolutionized the traditional financial system, but also conceded cryptocurrencies a high investment potential.
The blockchain technology created for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies grants important advantages to invest in this asset, particularly due to the fact that its control does not depend on a central authority and most importantly, the confidentiality of its transactions, providing a sense of security in the investor. These advantages that set cryptocurrencies apart from other currencies explain their rapid growth in the financial market, their popularity reaching even the mainstream media and catching the attention of many companies and investors.
The commerce of digital assets has allowed the exchange of different cryptocurrencies among millions of users in the network, that is to say, the globalization of said market.
The public demands continue to grow, being necessary to develop trustworthy platforms where they can feel safe when making their transactions. With this in mind, the AFCE (African Coin Exchange) team developed a new cryptocurrency exchange platform with convenience and security of transactions, this platform provides a new market that is directly connected from crypto sources and providing guarantees to third parties as well has freedom in trade and security.

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ABOUT AFCE - African Coin Exchange Platform

AAFCE is an authentic centralized African Cryptocurrency Exchange with African culture and background. African Coin Exchange is aimed to transform the way bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are treated throughout Africa. Although blockchain is decentralized by nature, AFCE have decided to operate a centralized exchange, as that is the only way to convert Fiat currencies (i.e. South African Rands) into cryptocurrencies. This South African cryptocurrency exchange is designed to provide detailed analytical charts for cryptocurrency trading and investments.

AFCE are the cryptocurrency exchange in Africa who have obtained a real step on threat and KYC direction for consumers, now cross border remittance are easy and fast. Additionally, we have taken all of the security measures to provide the best cryptocurrency trading platform. African Coin Exchange have high liquidity so you can readily buy/sell your bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies instantly.

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Fast and scalable trading engine designed that provides real-time execution of orders.

Funds Transfer
ACE exchange is a secure platform for funds deposits and withdrawals with 2FA Authentication.

Fast and high – volume order execution, access to high liquidity orderbook.

ACE provides secure trading by allowing users to activate Two Factor Authentication and Google Authenticator.

Referral Program
With referral program users on exchange can refer the ACE platform to their friends and get paid in return with referral commission.

Margin Trading
Automatic funds borrowing with 1:2 and 1:3 leverages.

Coming Soon.

Secure and Robust Trading | African Coin Exchange
This South African cryptocurrency exchange is designed to provide detailed analytical charts for cryptocurrency trading and investments. We have developed a highly secured multisig wallet to store bitcoins, altcoins, litecoin, ripple, ERC20 tokens and other updated ether token versions. We are working to provide you the best cryptocurrency exchange market rates.

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