Good day everyone. Have you ever wished for a decentralized platform for Rental Marketplace. Good news to you. Here comes LOCKCHAIN ICO the hotel booking & vacation rental marketplace.
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LockChain is an ecosystem and marketplace. This entire system will revolve around the users because it will be a decentralized system. As this decentralized engine will be user-centric so, the users will be the focus of this system.
It is designed to be a decentralized ecosystem. Through this decentralized system, the users will rent the hotels, book the hotels, book tickets for travel, get accommodation and get the property. The two basic parts of this decentralized system are decentralized LOC ledger and marketplace. The decentralized LOC ledger has more importance because the entire engine depends on this LOC ledger.
By connecting this decentralized LOC ledger to the marketplace, the uses of LOC ledger will increase. There will be saved lists of properties and hotels etc. The owners will upload these lists in the LOC ledger, simply by connecting to this entire system. These lists will have the option of editing. The owner can also add or remove the property from the list. This is the only platform in which the buyer and the property owner will deal directly without any third party. That’s why this lock chain system is better than the typical centralized systems. In the typical centralized system, there are dealers between the buyer and the customers. So, the dealers charge their commission in every deal.
Their commission is in the range of 10–25 percent per deal. Also, in centralized systems, there is a fee for the customers and the owners. Due to these reasons, the cost is increased. But in a decentralized system, there will be no dealers and the deals will be fee-free. So, in decentralized Lock Chain system, there will be no fee or commission in the deal, made between buyer and the owner. To provide better services to the customers, all the details of the deals and transaction will be saved in the database.
To connect to the decentralized systems, there will be a marketplace, named It will be the first marketplace of its type.
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For Property Owners marketplace’s web and mobile clients will present an easy-touse interface to add and edit their listings on the decentralized LOC ledger. One-click solutions for transferring current listing from other platforms will be provided for maximum comfort. Traditional payment methods (e.g. credit cards, PayPal) will also be supported as an option because the marketplace will have a built-in algorithm that will execute automatic conversion of all external currencies into the LOC utility token.

Uses of LOC token:

The LOC token is the main invariable part of this ecosystem. Both clients and property provider have the access to the LOC ledger with the help of this LOC token.
By buying LOC token, one can get complete access to service abilities of this decentralized booking ecosystem LockChain. The reliable mean of booking hotels and property. If the accommodation provider accept the billings in this form of crypto-currency he can easily withdraw it from or any other integrated marketplace. Even the users of other crypto-currencies can use this service but 1 to 3 percent charges may apply. With the passage of time more functionality will be released to entertain and ease the users of LockChain.
LOCKCHAIN ​​is a platform that has decided to create a better hotel industry by offering lodging, travel and listing services with no fees, unlike other online booking agents. With the decentralized LOC ledger, the platform creates a motor that regulates all transactions between hoteliers and travelers or tourists in a comfortable way without rigorous processes and channels.

The pre-sale took place in early October, but by October 29, 2017, the platform will launch the token sale of the digital LOC token. The token is limited to a total sale of 32, 000, 000 ETH, with a total supply of 25, 000, 000 million LOC. This implies that 750 LOC equals 1 ETH or equivalent.


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