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With strict capital controls in place by most countries to control the flow of money and charge high taxes, cryptocurrency gained usage in circumventing capital controls and taxes, leading to an increase in demand. Cryptocurrency has been able to present an easy to use digital alternative to fiat currencies. Offering frictionless transactions and inflation control, investors have been prudent enough to add these currencies in their diversified portfolios as an asset, as the size of the market does not represent a systemic risk. Cryptocurrency employs the use of cryptography that assures high-security processes and verifies transactions personal to each user. Hence, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are impossible to achieve.

While this revolution is gaining wide acceptance, DABANKING, a leading entertainment platform in the application of Blockchain, that aims to increase the transparency of all transactions and reduce intermediate costs to minimum has arrived. Encrypted data also helps to strengthen security, transacting and authenticating digital assets are also easier.

"As a “next generation computing platform”, blockchain enables entirely new functionalities in the gaming world: first, the ability to trade digital assets between games, and, secondly, the ability to trade digital assets between gamers directly. These two new functionalities offer entirely new open marketplaces and ecosystems, allowing gamers and game developers to usher in a new era of inter-connected games. Since gaming, first and foremost, is about fun experiences and addictive gameplay, the blockchain games that will succeed will be the ones that successfully balance compelling gameplays with the new economics embedded via blockchain. The balance is tricky because the games have to be fun while also balancing new functionality, which shouldn’t detract from the fun gameplay itself.

Gamers are benefiting from the security provided by blockchain’s smart contracts, thus eliminating the threat of security breaches on fiat platforms. With the introduction of digital currencies, game assets can be not only be bought with cryptos but also tokenized and traded across different platforms. Also, reward systems through the use of crypto tokens are stimulating game designers and players to change the way gaming is done."

With that being said, the DABANKING project was born with a noble mission to become the pioneering Utility Blockchain platform in creating an environment to build Dapps with decentralized entertainment services with transparency, fairness and optimal user experience.

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What exactly is DABANKING?

As depicted above and as indicated on the official whitepaper of DABANKING, DABANKING, a leading entertainment platform in the application of Blockchain, that aims to increase the transparency of all transactions and reduce intermediate costs to minimum has arrived. Encrypted data also helps to strengthen security, transacting and authenticating digital assets are also easier.

In addition, One of the first Dapp products of DABANKING is the FomoJackpot lottery program base on blockchain technology together with the Dapp Game collectively called FomoGame, which helps participants not only entertain after a tired day but also at the same time increase their income in an easy way.

FomoGame is an independent DApp system within the ecosystem of DABANKING built on the Blockchain of Ethereum. It promotes absolute fairness and transparency for users, thereby helping users to have a great experience throughout the applications in DABANKING ecosystem.

FomoJackpot provides player a chance to win with a very small amount of 0.002 ETH for a ticket.

Joining FomoJackpot means you have the opportunity to win rewards up to thousands of ETH at extremely low cost.

DAB Mining token system and FomoGame system are 2 independent systems so users need to register account for each system to be able to use both platforms.

Please register through 2 referral links to help you experience both platforms in the most effective way.

The Mission

DABANKING aims at long-term development, bringing entertainment services to the decentralized application platform, giving back power to users. The development team has come up with long-term strategies to make DABANKING a powerful ecosystem that allows millions of customers to experience our services.


Fomogame is an independent DApp system built within the ecosystem of DABANKING designed on the blockchain technology using Ethereum protocol. The use of blockchain therefore assists in promoting transparency, safety, security and fairness for users or participants of Fomogame.

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FOMOJACKPOT Lottery program

This is built as one of the first Dapp product of DABANKING. This game allows participants not only to be entertained, but it’s also a way of earning some income without stress. Participants of Fomo jackpot stand a chance of winning a huge amount of money in Ethereum using an amount as small as 0.002Eth, by buying tickets and playing the Jackpot.

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This is one other Game that will be updated on the platform. This game is designed with random result mechanism based on the blockchain to allow for transparency. This works by taking the number of difficulty in the current block and the number of time points for the rotation to generate 64- bit code. Each dial generates a different number of random seed and in order to have the result of the lucky number, the seed generated is divided by 100.

The Features of DABANKING Gaming Platform

Instant income

As each round is more than 650% of the time, it is likely to increase the likelihood of having to pay more or less than one per cent. 500% of the amount spent on round 1 onward.

Winning Income

There are four categories of treasure that a player can win when buying a ticket. The user has the chance to win a huge amount of Diamond Chcest, Rubby Chest, Gold chest and Silver chest. ALSo, a player with a ticket at the same time using one ticket.


Divined pool is designed to contain 10% of the total ETH ticket bought and all profits of fomogames. Also, every two weeks will be paid to users. 70% of the Dividend is a continuous process, the remaining 30% Dividend will be paid after two weeks.

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Leveraging blockchain technology will help track and authenticate the real ownership of any kind of digital assets.

It will also help reduce costs for third parties.

It will also enable secure payment system.

The leveraging and integration of blockchain into game helps to increase competitiveness against old games.

With blockchain, users can easily exchange digital asset with high liquidity.

About The DAA Token

DAA Token has a maximum supply of 20,000,000 DAA and is gradually exploited when users buy tickets and play games with ETH and this is the only way to get a DAA token.

DAA Token mining process has 10 stages, each stage has 10 rounds, maximum of 200,000 DAA is exploited each round.

In the first round when you buy a ticket or lose a game with an amount of 0.05 ETH, you have successfully mining 1.66666667 DAA, at this time 60% is 1 DAA directly to your wallet and 40% is 0.66666667 DAA to DABANKING developer wallet.

If you play a game that wins at the first round, you need a volume of 0.055 to successfully exploit 1.66666667 DAA and receive 1 DAA.

Diamond Chest

When one of the two clocks returns to 0, the "Draw Now" button will appear to activate the random and fair dial algorithm for everyone to select 6 winners. The probability of winning a ticket is the same at all times.

The ETH amount in Diamond Chest will be allocated to 6 lucky people as follows:

50% for 1 lucky winner with Jackpot Prize

10% for each of the other 5 winners in the large prize (50%)

Ruby Chest

Before one of the watches turn 0, the last ticket buyer is the KING OF KEY and holds the key to winning the entire Ruby Chest reward.

The winner is counted when the time of the transaction is successfully verified and last recorded on the blockchain before the time 1 of the 2 watches turns to 0.

Gold Chest

The Master Key Prize in Gold Chest is awarded to the person, who has buy the most ticket via ETH before 1 of the 2 watches turns to 0.

Silver Chest

The entire Ultimate Award in the Silver Chest is awarded to the person with the total sales of tickets coming from the largest F1, each taking no more than 1 ETH to calculate

For example: if you have 5 F1 each F1 purchase a ticket with 3 ETH (Total 5 F1 is 15 ETH) then your total Ultimate Ref sales are 5 ETH (because each F1 only takes a maximum of 1 ETH to add).

Drawer Prize

The "Draw Now" button will appear to activate the random dialing algorithm and has a total of 5 "Drawer" winners.

The person who successfully executes the first "Draw Now" will be rewarded with 60% of the Drawer prize and the remaining 4 people will each receive 10% of the prize.

DAA Token Features

Earn ETH every 2 weeks while frozen DAA Token:

Play games with DAA Token (or ETH):

DAA Token Burn

DAA Token Distribution

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Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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