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Cryptocurrencies are digital monetary units that operate independently of a central bank and is permission-less to use. Its transaction information, usually stored on a general ledger, is open and available for system participants to view. Additionally, cryptocurrencies generally do not appeal to authorities such as central banks, tax authorities, or judicial systems. This means that, generally, these entities cannot influence transactions of participants in the cryptocurrency payment system.

Furthermore, cryptocurrency transfer is irreversible; third-party entities cannot cancel, block, dispute or carry out a transaction unilaterally. Consensus rules and encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation and issuance of cryptocurrencies.

The world of crypto-currencies has difficulties that slows down its development among users without technical knowledge. One of such problems is the lack of a trustworthy and reliable platform for crypto-currency exchange with minimization of losses and with profit distribution between users.

As more technological advancements are uncovered, Ubecoin is an ERC20 cryptocurrency that can be utilized as a medium of exchange between business merchants and consumers globally.

Ubecoin's aim is to give power back to the merchants by disrupting the traditional barter model globally and transforming it into a subscription model.

Ubecoin is an ERC20 cryptocurrency that can be utilized as a medium of exchange between business merchants and consumers globally. UBE Ltd is the Gibraltar company that has developed and generated Ubecoin. Their aim is to give power back to the merchants by disrupting the traditional barter model globally and transforming it into a subscription model. They focus on the provision of a user-friendly E-commerce and entertainment platform Free Trade Barter that provides an easy to access ecosystem. As more and more merchants register on UBEcoin network the the platform and users will be able to benefit from a greater diversification of goods and services globally.

UBECOIN offers users convenient trading opportunities on the exchange, as well as exchanging cryptocurrency and a unique freelance platform, where employers can search for potential performers and hire them by paying for the work with such popular cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and own UBECOIN system tokens. Centralized networks have long been a thing of the past due to the fact that they are not very convenient to use, do not provide constant access to information from different devices, and absolutely do not guarantee the safety, the systematization of information and its security.

The decentralized UBECOIN system is a unique market structure consisting of networks available from a variety of different technical devices. This is very convenient for both users and investors - bypassing of the centralized location allows connecting at any time and anywhere within seconds. Thanks to the decentralized nature of the system, buyers get access to a variety of low-cost offers and the ability to instantly execute a deal with a seller without unnecessary actions, with a guarantee of safety and transparency of the process. Blockchain proved itself in many successful systems, has become the basis of the decentralized UBECOIN system, organizing profitable exchanges between the participants.

It is important that each individual participant of UBECOIN platform will have at his/her disposal a copy of his/her data, which will protect against any kind of fraud. UBECOIN token is easily and quickly transferred between the participants as a guarantee of payment for services. Transactions are executed at any time, and can also be exchanged from cryptocurrency into fiat money directly in a user's wallet.

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Ube Ltd’s aim is to give power back to the merchants starting with its initial Vision of disrupting the traditional barter model globally by transforming it into a community based decentralized subscription model.

High Cost Lock-in Contract

Expensive Transaction Process

Controlled & Closed Source Platform

Inflated Product Prices

Annual Subscription

Unlimited Free Transactions

Decentralised Open Source Platform

Competitive Product Pricing

The Benefits

Convenient decentralized exchange based on blockchain technology with guaranteed data copies for each user

Functional, maximal transactions are simple and profitable

Minimum fees are compared to other service payment methods – minimal or no commission at all in the system

Remittances are regulated by smart contracts

Personal wallet that is reliable and integrated for each user, where funds are stored and where payments are made. The peer-to-peer system does not require any documents or accounts for cash transactions.

Zero Cash Transaction Fees Ever

On average existing barter platform businesses charge cash fees of 10-13% on each buy/sell transaction. Traditional barter platforms often require joining fees, advertising fees, non-trade fees and lock-in contracts. These fees cut into your profit margin and drastically diminish the advantage of using barter as a means to grow your business.

Ubecoin and Free Trade Barter are 100% cash transaction-fee free. A single annual advertising fee grants access to the Free Trade Barter network and that is it; saving you time and money when calculating your expenses. NO HIDDEN COSTS

You Have Complete Control

Whether you are a business or a consumer you are in control of your account and your balance of Ubecoin at all times.

By decentralising the barter industry on a global scale, Ubecoin and Free Trade Barter are offering business globally with a new core sales channel.

Ubecoin offers direct Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Consumer to Business (C2B) transactions. The transaction is guaranteed by the transparent ledger of the blockchain, which ultimately means the trade is controlled by the merchant instead of the platform.

Security and Accountability

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, with more being created every day, and they exist in a market which is volatile and unregulated. Ubecoin is a registered company created by experts from around the world in cryptocurrencies, finance and business management. As a registered company, Ubecoin is committed to corporate responsibility, with transparent, measurable and accountable processes and procedures being a core tenet of our company.

Additionally, Ubecoin is ERC20 token standard compliant, meaning it can be stored in any ERC20 compliant wallet.

Near Instantaneous Transactions

Ubecoin requires no financial intermediary or interference from a traditional barter platform provider, Ubecoin transactions can occur near instantaneously on a global scale.

Banks and other traditional systems usually require 3 or more days to process a transaction. The advantages of utilising Ubecoin for trading without delays or interference are obvious to any business looking for a competitive edge.

ERC20 Compliant and the Ethereum Architecture

Ubecoin has the advantage of leveraging Ethereum’s highly established blockchain network.

This means that Ubecoin will be updated with the most advanced security features and will always be on the cutting edge of cryptocurrency technology.

Ubecoin is ERC20 compliant which brings uniformity, reduced complexity and enhanced compatibility. This means the existing consumer base of people who hold approved ERC20 wallets will have instant opportunity to participate in the Ubecoin ecosystem.

Free Trade Barter

Free Trade Barter is a 100% owned subsidiary of Ubecoin which offers a complete global business directory of merchants that accept Ubecoin as a method of payment. With enhanced geolocation search functionality and direct communication, you will always be able to find a merchant no matter where you are in the world.

About The Token Model

UBE Limited has pre-mined 90% of the total utility token allocation for the furtherance of its business activities both now and for the future.As part of our advanced security protocols, only a relatively small number of tokens will be held in multiple “hot” wallets at any one time to disseminate amongst our networks or provide liquidity within the marketplace.

A combination of cold storage techniques will be applied along with real world physical security measures to insure the safe keeping and protection of the digital asset.


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Established company in 2014


Business plan

Seed funding obtained

Developed wallet

Developed decentralized Crypto Currency payment platform (Ubecoin)


Launched a trading platform (FTB) as Proof of Concept

100+ merchants subscribed $300 +GST in a capped trial

Buy & Sell inventory using Ubecoin

Rented offices using Ubecoin 12mths

Purchased company products using Ubecoin

Proof of concept completed successfully


Seed funding obtained to further develop company asset and business model

Confirm coin build economy (size of build)

Go to market strategy planning

Engaged go to market launch partners


Consolidate Ubecoin Group Pty Ltd

Launch Free Trade Barter (FTB) Platform

Launch ICO

Integrate with all JV partners, Gaming & Entertainment

Launch Free Trade Barter into international markets


Launch Fintech suite of products across all platforms

Develop markets and products fit for Ubecoin expansion

Continue merchant expansion and growth



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