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Tachain ​​is a modern ecosystem that unites the transport, advertising, trading and entertainment industry.

Transportation at all times were in demand and always made a profit. Transport business can be attributed to one of the oldest in the world. The epochs changed, the needs of the population, too, and the need for transport services, as well as for food, was always. Without industry can not do any industry.

According to the latest data, there are about 80 international transport corridors on the globe, along which the delivery of goods takes place.

The leading role in the development of the international transport network is played by the European market, which has great potential. A trans-European transport network has been formed within the EU, the development of which is based on the integration of various types of transport into a single network. In the case of expansion to the east, it will be connected to the transport networks of third countries.

All over the world there is a constantly growing cost of transport services provided to the population. And, of course, the decisive role is played by the price of fuel, which continues to grow.

The way out of this situation can be the use of such vehicles that would help save on fuel. For example, such as electric cars. But, unfortunately, there are not many of them so far and they cost a lot. But behind electric vehicles, the future of the transport business is not that distant.

In the meantime, transport carriers have to think about how to reduce the cost of transport services. And as an option - the development of logistics flows that would plan for more efficient use of vehicles, would not allow idle traffic or insufficient workload of road carriers.

For example, with the help of railway transport it would be possible to organize a high-speed communication between all countries of Europe. There is already a high-speed trans-European railway E30, which originates in Berlin, follows through Lviv, Kiev, Moscow and crosses the E 59, E 65 highway in Poland. But, unfortunately, the railway track of some countries does not meet European standards and This causes some inconvenience to passengers.

Recently, transport and logistics have become leaps and bounds to move to digital technology.

More and more automakers are ready to launch autonomous cars. And this will lead to the fact that this industry will become even more attractive in the coming years. Accelerating the growth of e-commerce and the growth in demand for freight will open up new opportunities for the development of digital technologies in the global logistics industry.
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Logistics providers have already moved to the test phase of using blockchains and are seeking to use partners in the financial and technological sectors. The blockchain can be used to register and track shipments and transactions, as this will increase transparency and reduce back office costs, and this benefits everyone in this chain — carriers, insurance companies, and financial institutions.

At the same time, this year and in the near future, an increase in purchases through mobile applications is projected. Retailers and brands are seeking to improve their profits in mobile commerce and according to forecasts, by 2021, e-commerce is expected to be almost half of e-commerce in the United States. Improvement of mobile applications and browsers will take place in the following areas: increasing the speed of mobile applications and introducing them into AR applications. AR tools will include product demonstrations, a trial version of a virtual product, and other additional information.

About The Tachain Platforms - The Ecosystem
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The Tachain ecosystem is made up of a number of components working together, they are:


Travel and accommodation management on a whole new level of efficiency.


State of the art advertising platform which utilizes newest targeting technologies.


Token market for people to trade there tokens and other crypto currencies

Tachain Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Tachain has already created an application for taxi service providers and users. The functionality of the application will widen together with the growth of Tachain as to its roadmap. Available soon in leading app marketplaces.

Tachain Targeted Blockchain Advertising Platform
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About The Architecture
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Tachain project is heavily based on blockchain and smart contracts. It allows to ensure transparency of system and strict execution of financial obligations and contract terms. Also we are going to build comprehensive IT infrastructure around blockchain to provide best possible service to the customers.

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The ecosystem is tokenized in order to empower users to use it more often, as well as attract companies to advertise their products and services on our platform

Transportation providers and users earn TCHN tokens for traveling

Advertisers will need TCHN tokens in order to access advertising platform and penetrate users with targeted ads

Users can use TCHN tokens in order to pay for rides, as well as can sell them on TMARQ marketplace or on external exchanges

Users additionally earn tokens for watching targeted ads

Transportation providers can sell tokens at TMARQ marketplace and external exchanges

The growth of the Tachain ecosystem will provide a long-term increase in the TCHN token value. This, however, will be fueled by substantial demand for TCHN tokens from advertisers
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ICO Details

Maximum supply

2 275 000 000 TCHN

Token price

Price of one TCHN is 0.01$

ICO Dates

July 2018 – October 2018

Accepted currencies



On contributions > 100 ETH


No requirements on contribution amount


$10 000 000 ($2 000 000 Softcap)
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Why You Should Choose Tachain
An ICO is the best way to attract financing for interesting projects, especially for those that are community driven. Tachain believes that cryptocurrency crowdfunding procedures can boost innovation, as attracting financing via ICO companies do not have to pass traditional bureaucratic procedures. Moreover, as ICO is conducted via smart contracts and blockchain, everything is transparent and project founders get full responsibility for successful realization of the idea.

Q1 2017 Final idea

Q2 2017 Formation of the team

Q1 2018 Creation of MVP & concept proofing

Q3 2018 Launch of the crowdsale

July 2018 iOS APP release

August 2018 Android APP release

Q4 2018 End of the token sale

Q4 2018 AdNet launch

Q2 2019 Launch of TMARQ

Q4 2019 Advertising in public transports

Q1 2020 Augumented reality advertising

Q4 2020 Tachain Flame release

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