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The impact of crypto-currency and the latest blockchain technology has been felt in almost all the sectors and it didn’t take too long to convince the doubters of this great technology about its importance in human life. The whole world has never dreamt of having this great technology around them and that was why it was a great surprise to the world when this technology was introduced some years. Ever since its introduction, there has been some improvement in our daily life to the extent that some people believed this technology cannot be eradicated simply because it has become part of human life.
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What Is BCNEX Exchange?
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Bcnex project is established to make cryptocurrency traders be ready to exploit any condition in the market and furthermore accomplish legitimate distributive in the record system. Despite the fact that the present market is known to be related with such a significant number of restrictions and controls, Bcnex will make alterations where vital. It will signify to an excellent Exchange for resources trading and will make various advantage noticeable to every one in the crypto space. Security will be available in it nearby different advantages for all to appreciate. Other favorable circumstances to grow the project will involve the use of 20% income produced by this project in the entirety of its activities to buy back 50% of BCNEX tokens.

Agreements are relevant regardless of whether they run with dangerous stores, such as downtime and unsafe downtime as well as better customer protection. The authorized transactions again do not require any representation of the character, similarly, security issues such as overhaul of the hierarchy appear. Transactions do not hold money for customers and instead, customers are specially connected, indicating that you do not need to emphasize the security of pre-encrypted transactions. For any customer package, explore the use of hierarchical transactions consistently, which helps reduce liquidity, showing differences in transactions related to these lines.

Therefore, Bcnex trading floor was born, Bcnex is an electronic money trading platform developed to provide the best trading platform, safety and most considerate user support.

The birth of Bcnex
A place to buy, exchange and trade tokens based on blockchain and a variety of digital assets in Vietnam and the rest of the world. Since 2006 when we first joined the Forex market, we have researched and developed a number of automated Forex trading systems. In 2009, we deployed a real-time data application system to handle coin auction and system matching transactions, and finally to operate the trading platform for partners. Our foreign countries.

BCNex will continue to grow and improve to provide users with the best trading experience possible. It is the core principle of our business philosophy.

The outstanding features of Bcnex trading;

Safe and stable
This is a highly secured trading platform with microservice architecture that meets the most demanding needs of customers.
Bcnex has built a security system across multiple levels from building a strong fire trust or using denial-of-service attack tools when something unusual happens.

Processing Speed
Bcnex has an extremely fast processing speed of up to 2000,000 orders per second.

BCOMS order matching system
It is a component of buying and selling orders when trading. This is the most important component of Bcnex and is built with great care. BCOMS has very low latency and has speeds of up to 2 million transactions per second, this is the fastest speed today.

Stable high dispersion system
Bcnex always maintains high stability of up to 99.99%. Bcnex uses microservice model , the system is divided into small services with separate database, so that Bcnex can easily change and expand when needed without affecting the whole system

Token and ICO Details

Bcnex works with the main token named BCNX. There will be really 200,000,000 (two hundred million) BCNX issued and the number will never augment. BCNX is the standard token ERC223 released on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token Details
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Token Name: BCNX Token

Token Symbol: BCNX

Token Type: ERC223

Total Supply: 200,000,000 BCNX

Token Sale: 100,000,000 BCNX

Token Price: $0.15 - $0.45

Token Allocation

50% for Token Sale

38% to Team Member and Advisors

5% to Angel Investors

5% to Reserve

2% to Bounty Program
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Fund Allocation
40% for Platform Development

40% for Branding and Marketing

10% to Legal and Auditing

10% to Reserve fund

Team member
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