The Kinela project is being developed as a smart advertising system which utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) and blockchain technology for making online advertising more adaptable and friendly to the users. Only by making digital ads more user relevant, the profitability for advertisers and publishers can be increased.

A very compelling use case of the Kinela platform is in Programmatic Advertising.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic Advertising refers to the use of code (programs) for automating the buying and selling of online ads. Presently, many advertising networks have started offering Programmatic Ad services, where the placement of ads is governed by the pre-written code. The whole ad buying, selling and profit sharing process is automated, which makes the process more efficient while reducing the cost and time for everyone.

How will Kinela motivate the growth of Programmatic Advertising Market?

Kinela intends to provide a comprehensive and convenient platform where webmasters and advertisers can come together and facilitate more effective programmatic advertising with the use of existing tools and services. The platform is designed to cater to the specific needs of the programmatic advertising industry participants and provides a realistic tool for achieving the desired results.

The programmatic ad industry is now growing like never before, and according to a study, the industry will represent over 50% of the all digital advertisements. This is a perfect time for the industry to make necessary changes and adapt user-friendly strategies in order to make their advertisements more relevant and optimized for the end users. By 2020, the digital display advertising market is expected to cross the $45 billion mark and programmatic ads will be a major contributor in this growth.

With China and US dominating the online ad market, it is clear that the Asian countries will be more active in this industry in the coming years, and therefore, Kinela is focusing on these regions as its target markets for expanding the growth of programmatic advertisements by making them more productive and intuitive. Other than the US and China, India, Indonesia and Brazil present the best markets for digital advertisers, mainly owing to the increasing number of digital media and mobile users.

Given the high projected growth of digital advertising in these markets and throughout the globe in the coming years, the industry presents high revenue prospects for the advertisers, publishers and all other involved parties. Therefore, Kinela will be targeting these markets for offering better ad display services for increased profitability along with better user experiences.