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While reports on the impact of blockchain seem to focus mostly on cryptocurrencies, the technology is affecting industries across the board, with gambling being the one that benefits the most from secure ledgers. The application of blockchain technology benefits both the players and the providers, and ensures the results of their bets are generated fairly and securely.

And while industries such as aviation and insurance have been at the forefront of blockchain adoption, the technology is expected to make the biggest impact on gambling. After all, casinos have been exchanging cash for tokens in the form of chips long before cryptocurrencies or blockchain appeared.

The major concern with conventional online casinos is that data such as; gaming results, winnings and payouts are intentionally hidden or partly concealed from public scrutiny. The integration of Blockchain technology into this industry is expected to resolve these concerns and many other problems that the online gambling community has been facing since the extension of gambling business to the internet. Here is a revolutionary platform PBET a platform that erases the line between offline casino and online entertainment.

The developers intend to achieve this synergy by introducing modern blockchain technology into their concept, as well as using their coin storage system, expressed by the user’s wallet with internal Pbet coins. This principle of interaction will unite the two largest spaces of the gaming industry, which will be United for both online and offline players.

The PBET project is a unique innovation that addresses the convergence between physical and online games through the Unified Gaming Platform. PBET generates synergies between these two channels while integrating crypto currency instant payments and combining partners in a unique token-based Club Award.

The disruptive business model consists of partnering with physical casinos to offer online gaming to highly-valued players for a fraction of the online players’ normal cost of acquisition. Given that casinos know their players well, our offer will further result in a seamless personalized integrated immersive gaming experience across the channels.

Through our special way of combining three pillars; Players, Pbet, and Physical casinos we create tailored added-value for each of them taking advantage of synergies generated from this entourage effect.

Players and casinos benefit from zero transactional fees, instant payments and the benefit of remaining in the same ecosystem among others.

The Omni-channel Pbet Reward Club enables partnerships in the hospitality sector, increasing free offerings to players while allowing cross-selling opportunities for casinos and partner.


High cost for small and medium casinos in order to penetrate the online gaming industry. First, very expensive initial costs. There are also monthly minimum fixed payments that do not depend on performance. With the benefits of blockchain technology, scalability and efficiency, PBET offers low cost entry to its ecosystem platform.

Lack of specialized resources in some areas. Company PBET divided by highly specialized resources among casino partners. Thanks to a well-thought-out business model based on income distribution, the company offers space and access to a highly experienced team.

Lack of a unified reward system between land and online casinos. This is, for example, when a player who has a VIP level does not want to lose his advantages and level when registering online. To solve this problem, a number of business rules were developed in order to allow players to start at an appropriate level.

Concerns regarding foreign gaming offerings. Players have certain concerns when they invest in foreign gaming sites. They always ask themselves such questions, for example: "what happens if there is a big win and will I receive my payment?"

Players require wider coverage. Players want to simultaneously participate both in an online game and in a live indoor game. The platform is able to respond to such a requirement. Games can take place both indoors and online. For example, the drawing of prizes in a tournament begins on the Internet and when a certain number of top-rated players are determined, they can be invited to play in the room where the main big prize will be played.

Many banking institutions around the world do not accept payment via the Internet or credit cards when funds are used for gaming purposes. Some solve these problems through the use of electronic wallets. But high commissions from 5 to 7% affect the profitability. To solve this problem, the company offers to use its own token. PBET allows the player to quickly replenish and withdraw funds to his Krypto wallet. In addition, you can use your account directly on the site for online games and transfer money there or back instantly and without commission.

Internet providers. The lack of interaction between ground and online playgrounds. This refers to the fact that the gaming sites of the Internet provider are not related to physical playgrounds. Because of this, there is no information on the player, and this affects the motivation to register on the site. Company PBET solves such problems. There is an accumulation of all the necessary information, conducting various actions that will directly link the physical and online sites.
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For Casinos

PBET provides turn-key, zero fix fees, revenue sharing model.

PBET shares highly skilled specialized resources among partners’ casinos.

PBET provides cross-channels promos and unifies players’ club among them.

PBET offers an easily expandable Reward Club to local partners through the Pbet token as a compensation basis.

For Players

Zero or near-zero transactional fees through fund-transfers and crypto payments respectively.

Instant withdrawals at physical casinos’ cashiers or through crypto payments.

PBET allows the sharing of physical casinos’ brands trusted by players.

Immersive solution enforced by linked-events, promos, shared reward club and more.


Name: PBET

Standard: ERC20 on Ethereum platform

Starts: April 22 2019

Ends: December 15th 2019

Token Type: Utility Token

Exchange Rate: 1 PBET = 0.20 USD

Currencies Accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC and more

Min. Contribution: 30 USD or equivalent

Total issued Token: 154,000,000 PBET

Softcap: $2M USD

Hardcap: $17.5M USD

Token Sale Stages

Pre-ICO Sale

START: April 22, 2019

END May 28, 2019

Price$0.11 USD = 1 PBET

45% Discount


START: June 3, 2019

END: July 21, 2019

Price: $0.15 USD = 1 PBET

25% Discount

Available: 23,400,000 PBET (up to $3.5 million USD)


START: July 22, 2019

END: September 21, 2019

Price: $0.16 USD = 1 PBET

20% Discount

Available: 31,300,000 PBET (up to $5 million USD)


START: September 23, 2019

END: Nov.10, 2019

Price: $0.18 USD = 1 PBET

10% Discount

Available: 33,400,000 PBET (up to $6 million USD)


START: Nov. 11, 2019

End: December 15, 2019 or before

Price: $0.19 USD = 1 PBET

5% Discount

Available: 10,600,000 PBET (up to $2 million USD)

Token Distribution

70% Crowd Sale


7% Advisory Board

5% Marketing

3% Bounty

Funds Allocation
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Q1-Q2 2018

Start of the PBET concept;

Research and proof of concept ;

Design of proprietary algorithms allowing omni-channel loyalty and payment

Q3 2018

Market analysis through focus group regarding usability and utility of branded tokens inclusion in gaming platform;

Due diligence for interactive technologies.

Q4 2018

Increased footprint of Genuina Management system in LATAM;

Acceptance testing on Genuina interactive;

Preparation of the ICO.

Q1 2019

Updated market Analysis & Commercial strategies assessment;

Finishing ICO preparations and establishment of launching strategies.

Q2 2019

Launching of the Pre-ICO/ICO;

Start developing unified payment;

Engagement with digital communities;

Launch of online gaming site.

Q3 2019

Crypto support in Genuina Management system and announcement of exchanges where PBET will be listed;

Commercialization of latest developed features.

Q4 2019

End of ICO;

Cross channel bonus implementation;

Commercial B2B2C pilots involving physical venues;

PBET listing on exchanges.

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