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The noise about blockchain and its potential impact on business and government has gone from a hybrid hum to a jet-engine roar. According to a report published by McKinsey & Company earlier this year, “The past two years alone have seen more than half a million new publications on and 3.7 million Google search results for blockchain.”
I have been intrigued by the clamor around blockchain and particularly by the idea that this emerging technology could revolutionize talent acquisition. I had heard plenty about blockchain at a high level and about how it could upend recruiting, but I was still unclear on exactly what was possible.
The most obvious way in which blockchain might add value to the world of talent acquisition is by providing an alternative method for checking academic credentials. A number of colleges and universities around the world, some with distinguished — and verifiable — pedigrees, have started to use blockchain to give their graduates ownership of their academic credentials. But here is the deal, i'll be introducing you to a revolutionary platform which is revolutionizing the recruitment industry. Gooreo has developed a unique decentralized platform with the aim of writing resumes using applications provided by GOOREO for newly graduated students. Later each student will be able to write a resume then the company will determine the results of the student’s writing is a local or online job? Students can also register to be an employee where the admission process will determine the company, if later it is accepted then after completing the work for a certain period the company will issue grades, certificates and titles for these students.


Gooreo is a unique platform developed to help newly graduated students in finding jobs suited to their specialization easily and also provide owners of companies the opportunity of getting talented students including of young and fresh graduates to work temporarily or permanently in their Organizations.
Gooreo is building a platform to simplify the job searching process for undergraduates and fresh graduates, thereby improving their livelihood significantly. Corporate and Organizations are also greatly benefiting from the platform as there is minimization or complete eradication of high cost recruitment services to source the proper talent required for their specific roles thus maximizing profits in the long run.
The vision is to become the best application in the field of youth employment with unique characteristics and features that set us apart from all other competing applications.

The mission is to help the newly graduated students find suitable jobs in their field of specialization and help employers find the talent with their required expertise.


Develop Gooreo as one of the most useful applications for students and business owners to find desired jobs and applicants quickly and easily anytime and in any country.

Immediately deploy applications in all countries to prove to the world that the Oreo model is an efficient model that is feasible on a global scale

Constant platform repairs based on user feedback and a roadmap to constantly present new features to the public.

Innovate and disrupt traditional ways of advancing work to balance technological advancements and fast-paced life.

Increase the funds needed to spread applications globally

Develop a decentralized and autonomous network between students and Business Organizations with a broad base of new features, services, and transactions.

How It Works?

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All actions begin with registration on GOOREO, which is available in both mobile and web versions. Once you have successfully registered, you need to fill in your professional resume in which you describe all the achievements that you have, as well as all the available skills.

Employers will fill out a similar resume form, only containing aspects containing a description of the available vacancy, as well as requirements for professional skills of the future employee. This will also include information on whether the work is remote or on-site.

The convenience of GOOREO is that at the same time students have the opportunity to view the available vacancies in the professional field to which they belong, thereby bypassing all the “information garbage” found in centralized sources of this direction.

Once a graduate finds that he needs or, on the contrary, the employer finds that the specialist he / she needs, between them is a contract of employment, with GOOREO leave the mark that both sides got their wish, with these parties (employer and graduate) can leave a rating of the quality of services provided by GOOREO as bad, good and excellent.


For Students
Students will ensure that they have a job in their specialization easily and obtain a certified certificate from the site and the company after the completion of work to prove the experience.

For Employers
Students will ensure that they have a job in their specialization easily and obtain a certified certificate from the site and the company after the completion of work to prove the experience.

For Society
With the help of GOOREO, the society will benefit from its youthful insights and innovations and will save a lot of money in building opportunities for the freshly graduated.


Opportunity to participate in a decentralized system where students can make future proof resumes and validate all their competencies

Systems that target applications based on specialization and location preference (long distance or in place)

Trusted certification of sites and companies by giving degree students (good, average, extraordinary) after completing work.

Gooreo is a universal service list platform for customers in one application and uses geolocation technology to connect people.

Easy and fast accessibility for graduates who are looking for work and organizations throughout the world

Secure transactions through the Blockchain and an efficient recruitment process.

The Gooreo application has been developed and is ready for use. The current version of the application will be enhanced by feedback received from the community and will continue to keep abreast of new technologies and features.

Token and ICO Details

GOOREO offers its internal token – OREO with which payments for all operating services will be performed. The token itself is developed on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain (ERC23 standard).

In total, only 1 billion tokens will be released for the life of the project, which will be disbanded for various tasks. Some of these coins will be available for sale, some will be distributed between the founding team and their advisors, the rest will be allocated for marketing and other promotions.

Token Details

Coin Name:OREO
Coin Symbol: OREO
Code: ERC20
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Decimal: 18
Contract Address: 0xfb71ab03d371c43f5e2f3747e5f790370399e778

Pre-ICO Details

To meet the needs of our customers, a pre-ICO phase will be available for any interested party as tokens will be distributed on a “first come, first serve” basis.

The Pre-ICO details are as follows:

Start Date: 18th November, 2018
End Date: 10th December, 2018
Pre-ICO CONVERSION: 1 ETH = 20.000 + 5.000 OREO
Pre ICO Bonus: 50%
Contribution Size: Minimum: 0.5 ETH
Gas limit:20,0000
Total Sale: 60,000.000

ICO Details

Start Date: 15th March.2019
ICO End Date: 30 April.2019
Amount of token: 440,000.000 OREO
Gas limit: 200,000

Token Distribution

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45% Product Development - Product development according to the roadmap.
25% Marketing & partnerships - Expenses for attracting the business owners, making partnerships with universities.
12% Operations - Operational costs, non-tech staff salaries.
3% Legal - Company establishment, contracts with the business owners, development of legal contracts for using the service and many other legal works.
15% Management - C-level executives salaries.


June 2018
Project idea and start up.

September 2018
Issuing the smart contract and writing whitepaper

November – December 2018
Pre-ICO and ICO

January – February 2019
Listing the Coin up to 3 Exchanges

February 2019
Development of the Core Platform and Testing alpha and beta version

May 2019
Release the platform

July – September 2019
Listing the coin on exchanges as much as we can.

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Author: BrainerdPaul
BitcoinTalk profile link:;u=1680409