The mHealthCoin platform is powered by blockchain technology to provide a standard health system analysis and storage. once members do exercises and follow healthy habits, health knowledge is going to be captured by our mobile application and might be used showing intelligence and encrypted and sent to the blockchain. each user can have their own chain to take care of health info and accounts, new coins are going to be generated once health info grows. The Blockchain is going to be supported the blockchain Nxt, victimization the accord Proof of Stake (PoS). The platform will introduce a cryptocurrency called MHEALTHCOIN that will revolutionize the medical system through collection of medical knowledge and providing comprehensive understanding on all users health status and conjointly by providing incentives as a present package.


The aim of MHEALTHCOIN is to provide a usable devices designed to track its users wellbeing. The introduced application is additionally a flexible platform for colleagues to manage their knowledge and wallets. The Smart wearable supports 24-hour observance and numerous special options for various wants. The goal of the platform is to produce a platform with a lot of numerous knowledge collected for users to grasp their own health standing to induce some incentives by rising health standing or awareness of their own health. The broad ideology of proactive awareness concerning one’s own health standing is our goal for this project.

Exchange of laborious health tokens is going to be a marketplace for you to use your coins for no matter your heart desires. Analysis of tiny and huge knowledge and AI are going to be wont to offer users with discounts, services and product that are most relevant to their health and fitness goals. A chatbot, will be engineered to supply customized recommendation to any encourage members to follow healthy habits and win their health and fitness goals.


MHEALTHCOIN smart wearable devices are safe and well-structured devices that collect health data that provide a transparent analysis of body condition, regardless of your geopolitical location, which is aimed at improving your service. A wearable device is used to count the number of calories you spend during the exercise, which allows the body to keep fit, which is a sign of the mhealthcoin ecosystem's native token reward. Users have the right to win a token for 24 hours a day, including users who rest in their sleep, which is another form of keeping fit to have the right to win the token based on the number of calories they spent during sleep.

The mhealthcoin designer mobile app is fully connected with intelligent wearable devices that collect health data so that anyone can make successful shopping in a token shop. With the ERC-20 mHealthCoin token, users can sleep well with the mobile app, even with such simple things as exercise. And you can make purchases from the app. Data on the health of users of the platform will be securely stored in the blockchain for the analysis of artificial intelligence. Based on this note, the AI ​​analyst will be able to give a recipe for how the user who sent health data should fit, and there will be a chat window on the mhealthcoin platform where users can communicate and give health tips, as well as solve health problems. globally.

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Help track the health status of children; the GPS trailing operate is additional for fogeys to trace the situation of their kids

Help track the health status of the elderly one: elderly functions SOS is additional for fogeys to use in emergency things and invite facilitate to observe their body scenario

Help in determining the health status of players in sports: A digital coaching system designed to stay users work and impelled always, that includes numerous coaching instruction videos that may build a series of exercises supported individual goals and user coaching preferences.

HOME APPLICATION to provide total comfort for all it users. The technology is going to be developed into our good devices at a later stage. Users will management their homes that are connected anyplace within the mHealthcoin APP or maybe devices which will be worn.

The device is a digital editing system designed to allow users to stay in life for a long period of time at will, which will motivate them and create chains of exercise programs based on the goals and objectives of users.


The mhealthcoin is a design for creating a smart lifestyle on the Internet of things. mhealthcoin plans to build a reliable and reliable ecosystem that will have the maximum benefit for users to have a healthy body.


MhealthCoin is a valuable token introduced by Mhealthcoinplatform which will be available on all top notch trading platform. The token is built on smart contracts ethereum and will support the smooth running of the brilliant platform.

Start date 15 February 2019 1 March 2019

End date 28 February 2019 30 June 2019


Token symbol: MHEC

Token type: ERC20

Mining: Yes

Token supply (for sales / total): 3.120,000,000 / 6,000,000,000

Soft cap: ETH 3,000 or BTC 732 or equivalent value

Hard cap: USD 25,000,000

Estimated capitalization (Total value = Hard stamp / token for sale * Total token supply) ~ USD 48 million

Discount / Bonus: Yes

Minimum purchase: 0.1 ETH or 0.003175 BTC

Currency accepted: ETH


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