Health is the most important thing in everyday life. It feels very painful to live with an illness. As technology develops, the health sector also feels the impact of the increasingly sophisticated medical devices. Various technologies in the health sector have, of course, been felt and utilized.

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Blockchain technology has enabled all companies to start developing applications that utilize peer-to-peer data transmission and provide better flexibility and security than existing database systems. Even companies in the health sector have identified potential roles that blockchain applications can apply to all their facilities, such as increasing efficiency, increasing security, reducing transactions, attracting patients and other factors needed for their success.

About Cura Network

The Cura Network Platform is a decentralized global health system that also consists of several entities that collaborate and share data with each other to be able to promote, restore, or maintain health. This entity includes patients, specialists, providers, and third-party application developers. Patients will be able to have exclusive ownership of their health data that is distributed and shared by other permitted entities. Patients can also authorize or deny access to some or all of their health records. The Cura Network platform will also introduce decentralized health data storage through platforms that ensure data interoperability, very fast and very secure access, privacy and data portability while functioning as a partial or overall data layer for third-party application developers to be able to power health care applications they. Cura Network brings together patients, specialists, researchers, insurance companies, developers etc. into a large global community.

Our purpose

Cura Network will enhance the universe of health care by utilizing blockchain technology to create an integrated platform that will empower a large number of health services. And our goal is to be able to integrate all patients, specialists, providers and also third-party application developers into the blockchain ecosystem, which will make health transactions truly efficient, safe, explicit, fast and reliable.

Cura Network Features

Quality health

  • Access to quality health services from specialists and providers provided throughout the world.

Privacy & Access Control

  • Have ownership and control of your health record. Understand and determine how your data is shared.

Global Decentralized Identity

  • Each entity has the right to a Cura Network Identity (CNID) that represents a personal identity sovereignty with unique role-based attributes.

Distributed Record Storage

  • Cost savings in storage. High efficiency in transferring data continuously. Sending data simultaneously on multiple computers.

Third-party Application Integration

  • Data access layer for most existing or new health device applications.

Fair Economy

  • Innate monetization at its core. And produce curs in a fair system for the data or services that are shared.

We will also introduce a fair economy that benefits all entities in Cura Network through the use of Cur; original cryptocurrency from our network. Health specialists will be paid for their services provided safely and transparently on the blockchain. Patients will also earn income by voluntarily choosing a research campaign by the provider. By maintaining an open ledger for financial transactions and direct relationships between research providers and patients, we eliminate mismanagement of research funds.

By using our lightweight mobile application, you will be able to share everything. Anyone who has a smartphone and internet connection can connect in our global network.

  • Can grant or reject requests for access to health data
  • Can manage the identity of your Cura Network
  • Can manage payments and income in the wallet
  • Can see your health analytics in real time
  • Can provide access to thousands of health applications

Info token

Token CUR
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 CUR = 0.3 USD
Price in ICO 0.4500 USD

200,000,000 Tokens for sale
Token Total supply of 500,000,000

Investment info

Min. investment 100 USD
Accepting ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH
Distributed in ICO 40%

Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD

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Q2 2017 – The Inception of the idea.
Q3 2017 – Team Creation, Further Research.
Q4 2017 – Further development of the concept, study the economic value.
Q1 2018 – Q2 2018 – Development of our MVP, Website creation begins
Q3 2018 – Website completed, Blockchain Development continuation
Q4 2018 – Launch of the Private sale leading to the Pre-ICO campaign.
Q1 2019 – End of Pre-ICO Sale.
Q2 2019 – Main ICO launches while the development of our Blockchain and the Platform continues.
Q3 2019 – Launch of the Blockchain test Network.
Q4 2019 – Check the Network client application alpha release.


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