Here we go again...opps, just fork it! :expressionless:

A resolution has yet to be found for yesterday's Parity hack which saw up to $150 million dollars frozen across the ethereum platform.

However, speaking to CoinDesk, Martin Holst Swende, head of security for the Ethereum Foundation, confirmed that a hard fork of the ethereum blockchain will be required to free up the funds.

Holst Swende said:

"There's unfortunately no way to recreate the code without a hard fork. Any solution which makes the locked funds accessible requires a hard fork."

This means that ethereum will need undergo an emergency upgrade, akin to The DAO blockchain rewrite that occurred last year, in order to reclaim the lost millions.

A sudden upgrade of this type is a highly contentious issue, as it would not be limited to Parity alone, but would need to occur universally across the ethereum platform.

Yesterday, a smart contract developer claiming to be new to ethereum, "accidentally" deleted the code library that corresponds to the affected Parity wallets, rendering the software useless.