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Every day billions of people are interconnected through trade relations. Someone will sell something, and someone also buys it, so that on both sides it will form a global market for trade throughout the world. In addition, sellers are not only individuals, but also giants of large companies, whose revenues can reach billions of US dollars. In fact, it doesn’t matter how many transactions are intended, such as those in this relationship, what unites them.

And they are united by a number of problems that arise constantly. The fact is that all of the participants in the transaction are related to each other, so that various trade agreements are made between them for reporting, and where all the requirements to fulfill each party’s obligations are determined. But as practice shows, not everyone acts in good faith, someone does not make a payment in advance on time, someone takes payment in advance altogether, but does not fulfill a number of obligations. As a result, there are a large number of disputes, the solution is delayed for weeks. And this usually leads to a number of other problems related to financial losses and business costs. Therefore, there is a question about how to solve all this remains relevant.

With the progress of Blockchain technology, we have solutions for situations like this to become easier, because solutions to disputes are not only fast, but also very transparent for both parties. By considering all the functions and positive features of the blockchain, the specialist team decided to offer the idea to solve the above problems and develop a new universal decentralized ecosystem.

About Bit Agro

Agrocoin allows you to be able to buy tokens on the stock exchange that sell crypto currencies with the current exchange rates on the site. And this availability makes it attractive to potential investors, because currently, the market for token sales has undergone dramatic changes. If there are tokens that can be found on a free sale and buy them, that is enough to have a minimum level of awareness about the world of crypto currencies. Now availability is only possible during pre-sales. Even so, pre-sales are a short-term process and every potential investor needs to make brave and wise decisions very quickly.

Speaking of AgroExchange, this is a web-based platform that acts as guarantor of transactions between end users with the help of Blockchain technology. And from some decentralized Payment options, we also have sophisticated trading facilities, intuitive user interfaces, and high security protocols that ensure unlimited trade and transactions across platforms. Users can also register Agri and their food products on the exchange and get real-time price notifications & sales them at the highest possible profit. Consumers can also buy the same product without paying large fees.

The global Agrodex B2B platform for trading agricultural products and food products, and attracting unlimited investment in production geolocation. Suppliers and registered customers will be able to contract intelligently, and make exchange transactions, share related information and track the history of food prices in various parts of the world. Each of our products will be classified in the registry and will be ranked in Agrocoin. Each user is also entitled to have the opportunity to sell or buy products in foreign markets using smart phones and not worry about logistical problems, cargo safety and financial losses.

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Our project innovation

-> Can provide comfort in making agreements with smart contracts;
-> Provide efficiency and economic benefits for all participants in the transaction
-> Our platform will provide security, transparency and speed of transactions based on Blockchain technology.

Platform & Functionality

-> Each participant can register at, after which he gets access to the database of manufacturers and buyers of goods.
-> Buyer purchases AGROCOIN cryptocurrency through an official exchange platform
-> Can provide a choice of prices and quality of the right offer and the conclusion of a smart contract to buy products with the seller.
-> launches a transaction processing process and contacts logistics partners to guarantee transactions and arrange shipment of goods
-> Crypto-currency becomes available, and the seller withdraws the money obtained using the service platform.


  • Agrocoin is a meaningful crypto coin and means of payment between users.
  • This token will also be a tool for the agro-industry market, and with assistance from users of the AgroExchange platform in the agricultural sector.
  • Smart transactions and no one can make payments on your behalf.
  • From the location, exchange paper money, this lawyer is not necessary.
  • A very user-friendly UI, and feedback-driven products, and detailed FAQs.
  • We have a decentralized platform also available for customers and companies with low transaction and operational costs.
  • Transparent, while in the blockchain-based trading system makes the AI ​​trading algorithm find fair market prices in real time.

Token info

Token AGRO
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20

Investment info

Min. investment 100 USD
Accepting BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH
Soft cap 5,760,000 USD
Hard cap 72,000,000 USD


September 2018
Origin of the idea by the Founders | Conversion of Idea into a Business Plan.

November 2018
Developing Core Team | Company Establishment | Developing the Agro Token.

December 2018
Technical Architecture | Phase 1 Android and IOS App Development | Starting Pre Sale.

January 2019
Started Level 1 Marketing | Phase 2 App Completion | Completed Team Building.

February 2019
Started Bounty | Listing on ICO sites | Expanding Advisory board | ICO Preparation.

March 2019
ICO Sale Phase 1

April 2019
Updating Mobile Apps | ICO Sale Phase 2

May 2019
ICO Sale Phase 3 | Level 1 Exchange Development | Team expansion

June 2019
ICO Sale ends | Token Distribution | Office Expansion

August 2019
Full functional AGRO Exchange Launch with Agro coin trading

September 2019
Connecting third-party online exchanges for AGRO coins

October 2019
Creating a secure transaction system on the Agrodex marketplace

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