Ethereum Marketcap continues to amaze me! lol

An unknown amount of user funds on the ethereum network have been frozen due to a code issue with the Parity wallet software.

The security vulnerability which activated the freeze was found yesterday in ethereum's second most popular client by a developer going by the name "devopps199," who first reported it on GitHub.

The vulnerability affects any Parity wallet deployed after July 20 that uses the company's "multi-signature" functionality. Under a multi-signature arrangement, more than one key is required to initiate and broadcast transactions.

So far, it's unclear how many of these wallets were deployed in that time frame and what amount of ether is currently stuck. According to data from, Parity constitutes roughly 20 percent of the network – and there's early indications that as much as $100 million worth of ether (if not more) may be inaccessible at this time.