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KLEYN bank is a true innovation in the banking system without borders dedicated to the world. KLEYN bank believes that the banking system requires the greatest reforms of the 21st century and that only blockchain and biometrics can make it simple and safe. Kleyn Bank aims to provide the best innovative services to personal and business banking clients. In the era of new smart contract technologies, infinite possibilities will be offered for existing businesses and new businesses. KLEYN bank believes that companies should not have limits and really understand that banking services are a vital part of any business. Our innovation products and services will bring the true potential of the business.


Benefits of Kleyn Crypto Bank of Investors
The 1% of each coin sold will be destined to the development and achievement of new miles assuring a stable and reliable system that can benefit each user.

Mobile Operators

Desktop utility and all-in-one application with ease of use to avoid long and annoying waits for customer service with your daily banking needs. Do it yourself and manage the portfolio.

The idea of banking is to evolve the banking system and revolutionize the way it pays through the chain of blocks in a decentralized manner so that it has total control. Kleyn Bank will provide a wide range of payment processing solutions to our commercial customers. E-commerce customers will have the possibility to easily accept payments on their web pages, platforms, applications, games, etc. with an informative and easy to use panel / shop. Our services include;

Processing of payments in FIAT and serial payments that are not FIAT in FIAT and not in FIAT Multi,

  • Administration of bank accounts,
  • Billing,
  • Issuance of cards,
  • Processing of white labels,
  • Intelligent management of contracts,
  • Biometric POS terminals.

Kleyn Coin:

Kleyn Coin is a decentralized currency that aims to connect the world of fiat and crypto in creating regular fiat accounts and crypto portfolios for daily payments and banking needs in applications for use around the world in one place on a cellphone or computer for Everyone to understand and do Life is a simple place for financial needs.

Kleyn Corp LTD will operate as a gateway for cryptocurrency – it will turn fiat into crypto currency and return to fiat. The bank will be integrated with the main cryptocurrency exchange and use its own reserves in fiat and cryptocurrency to execute exchange requests from our clients. For our clients, the exchange operation between a fiat account and cryptocurrency will be as simple as transferring money from one fiat account to another fiat account.

How KLEYNBANK works ?

Kleyn Corp Ltd will be built using modern best practices and technologies. All company data will be replicated to several geographically distributed data centers around the world. Data will be saved on a regular basis. All KleynBank executive servers will be duplicated for reliability. Distributed computing will be used to ensure high availability of banking services. Company KleynBank will use a load balancer to distribute network traffic between its interfaces - apis and web interfaces. All systems of the company will be designed in such a way that they can be expanded to billions of users. Access to the KleynBank system and all API actions will be strictly controlled. To gain access to the company's API, developers will need to create developer accounts and register their applications in the system. KleynBank systemwill store application profiles that will contain all the information necessary for access via API - application identifier, private key, permissions. Private keys will be used to authorize all API calls from the application and to confirm that this API call comes from the correct application. To use some domain-specific APIs, developers must send a request to access that part of the API and get approval from the bank. When the approval of the bank is received, the application is allowed to request customers to grant their permission to the application. The application has the ability to invoke these protected API methods when all necessary permissions are given by the bank buyer.

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ICO details:

Symbol: KLB

Currency name: Kleyn Coin

Total supply: 1 billion.

Hardcover: 57M USD

Soft cover: 7M USD

Adjustable: Yes, all unsold ICO chips and any rewards claim card will be burned.

Initial rate: Price per card, blocked. 1 record = 0.03 USD


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