The air Maison is the air cosmetic platform that ensure to offer high quality and affordable cosmetics to the doorsteps of consumers in need including countries where individuals before now cannot afford similar products. The platform is powered by blockchain technology and also embedded technology that will ensure that consumers discover the beauty of Africa through a clear, and exhilarating experience. The air Maison has introduced a cryptocurrency used to operate the system called multi coins (MTCN tokens )which will be tradeable on exchanges. The token would be of so much benefit to individuals, dealer, wholesalers and local supplier to create a cosmetic revolution.
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The platform possess various qualities to improve the beauty and cosmetic industry and also offer opportunities to investors. Air Cosmetics ensure to create a range of high-quality luxury makeup collection, that is affordable and globally accessible to all women of color. Air Cosmetics is the world’s first makeup brand that will affirm payments in crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Multicoin (MTCN) and all Air Cosmetics products will have embedded technology that will enable customers to discover Africa through a visually immersive experience.


The air Maison aims to speed its reach into parts of the world where cosmetics were not previously accessible to the women residing in those parts. This platform plan to give people an African experience through cosmetics from a point of view never seen before through the use of a specific embedded technology in their cosmetics and make up products.

The air Maison platform is the pioneer in accepting crypto currency as payments for cosmetic products as never been experienced in the cosmetics industry.


Cosmetics are items you apply to your body to clean it, make it progressively appealing, or change the manner in which it looks. The platform would definitely improve everything for women in Africa and the diaspora as this innovation is bound to bring affordability, quality and definitely boost the confidence of black women alike in our society today. Examples:

Hair styles



Healthy skin creams



Liquid Foundation



Eye Pencil


Face Primer


The individual consideration and cosmetics store network is incredibly mind-boggling yet inexactly managed. As items draw nearer to the customer, forging and preoccupation end up serious issues. That is on the grounds that partnerships that produce these items use contract makers. From those makers, the item is sent to a packager and after that on to a distributor — let’s state a monstrous merchant in South America. In any case, that wholesaler will regularly pitch to unaccredited or unapproved sub-merchants.

Blockchain gives organizations a superior alternative with regards to following items all through the store network. Both noticeable and undercover identifiers on items enable organizations to work in reverse and distinguish the issues in their store network. Organizations like Chronicled can give the start to finish production network permeability for cosmetics from the upstream provider to a maker, to a merchant, to a retailer, and at last to the client.

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