In the era of modern technology and the Internet, it is difficult to imagine what many beginner companies must go through to learn, they are accepted and loved. It takes too much time, energy, energy, and of course finance. Now, with the help of social networking, you can easily and quickly express yourself, just by publishing a small post on your page. And if your proposal is interesting and useful, the customer chain reaction will not be long.

At present, there is a large amount of crypto - currency exchange in the world that offers favorable trading conditions, but has one significant drawback - high commission costs. But among the large number of exchanges there are candidates who are very feasible.

About the project

Utilizing blockchain-based database technology, DAO is an association that can connect elements that do not discuss companies or ordinary businesses, but what matters is that things done without being hampered in administration are borne by the research administration.

As you have understood,Saturn Black is a new project for the safe exchange of crypto assets and guarantors of your transactions. The purpose of this project is to create a new, safe and liquid crypto asset market.

Our platform is very unique that seeks to bring high liquidity to the crypto market so that it saves it from the current tilted downturn. I consider it to be the savior of the crypto market because where low-value crypto assets are traded or exchanged for their unique XSAT tokens, and can give hope to all traders, investors, companies, and brokers. Our platform will strive to provide safer crypto-asset atomic exchanges with the market features of Over the Counter OTC based on a cross-chain exchange protocol where peer to PEER exchange services have been provided to crypto asset holders.

Features of our project

Trade across OTC chains

Saturn's OTC service allows traders to be able to make transactions through an atomic exchange protocol guaranteed by Saturn's assets. The target customers of our services are professional investors because transactions can be carried out with large trading volumes and very minimal trading volume.

OTC auction

The OTC Saturn auction will allow owners to register their crypto assets at auction at the initial market price. And the assets on display will be allowed to be exchanged in large quantities.

Exchange of atomic trade

More precisely this would be a peer-to-peer exchange that applies the atomic exchange protocol to achieve the initial goal of Saturn's exchange.

Transactions with EURO and USD

This function will also be implemented and developed to fully service Saturn users by the end of 2019. OTC trading, OTC auctions and Atomic exchanges will give Saturn users the right to be able to exchange between crypto assets and EURO and USD. In exchanging crypto assets with USD, USDT, and GUSD it is possible to be used now.

Therefore, we will build a decentralized biological transportation system and for a long time towards the goal of localized cross-block chain commercialism. By making our DAO enable you to complete important parts of the cluster, you will have the ability to provide votes for key decisions such as adding new tokens to the Saturn Protocol. Required or successful to be exchanged. or maybe pay profits to SATURN holders.

What's more, it would be ideal if you listened to voting on Saturn. DAO does not only change those sent to the Upgrade group, each option will be updated and passed through the blockchain innovation. Implement everything we do for brokers and dealers.

The available model is is our decentralized free trade to exchange Ethereum tokens, the main DEX that supports ERC20 and ERC223 while running support on the chain.

Token information
Token XSAT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC-20
Price in ICO 0.1300 USD
Tokens for sale 750,000,000

Investment information
Accepting ETH
Distributed in ICO 75%
Hard cap 97,500,000 USD


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