This technology has long been known as revolutionary, as important as the emergence of the Internet. Blockchain is an information database.

The concept of intelligent networks (Intelligent Network) or IN is closely related to the provision of a series of services that are expanded and continuously increasing for users of telecommunication networks that are activated. Indeed, smart networks will serve you better. At present, no network operator does not dream of introducing new services, but there is little desire here.

Of course, because the telecommunications network itself does not have any intelligence, it is only able to perform certain functions, depending on the incoming orders. But this ability is very much combined with human intelligence, and relatively recently.
The purpose of smart networks is to separate the traditional call switching process from the introduction of new services.

The concept of artificial intelligence in popular culture is often referred to as science fiction, which represents robots that win over humanity. However, today this technology helps marketers to overcome the automation of their tasks when using creativity.

VANTA will build a smart network for real-time networks, which allows individuals and companies to quickly develop services that can efficiently transmit and process real-time data, and commercialize low-cost services without additional infrastructure. And as a result, creative services will be provided and integrated into our VANTA ecosystem, and VANTA blockchain technology will be a practical blockchain that will greatly contribute to which can also improve the daily lives of individuals and business operations of the company.

VANTA aims to be the first decentralized network in the world that enables the development and operation of scalable services that are fast and low cost that provide seamless connectivity.

At VANTA, participating nodes will compete to contribute to connecting, sending and processing real-time data on the network, which will also provide inexpensive intelligence networks. By being able to combine this competitive system with verifiable verification, VANTA will display a consensus algorithm that will improve scalability and efficiency.


  • For developers: Can develop and operate real-time communication services that can be measured, reliably, and very safely at a very low cost.
  • For users: Can be used in various high-quality services for free or without worrying about privacy.
  • For organizations: Build a blockchain-based telecommunications network between various organizations.

Why is VANTA?

VANTA can fulfill real-time connectivity between people or devices exponentially. And it requires a decentralized network that allows seamless connectivity with guaranteed privacy.

VANTA aims to provide solutions to our daily problems. This will be optimized for real-time data transmission to provide seamless connectivity between everyone, devices and information, creating new opportunities for business.

VANTA has also provided private blockchain solutions for companies, government agencies and hospitals that want to build telecommunications infrastructure. Using Blockchain-based telecommunications infrastructure is cost effective and easy to use.

VANTA smart network is a decentralized network that can transmit, process and store data in real time. It also consists of intelligent nodes that choose, interact, and evaluate each other. And all nodes in the network can participate in real-time competition based on computing power, network bandwidth, memory, reliability, and contribution. And nodes that successfully prove their work can participate in making blocks.

The VANTA Networking Framework is a network structure that provides network performance for real-time communication and data protection from malicious attacks. Based on PGP encryption standards.

VANTA has created an architecture that is optimized for real-time data. This creates its own platform ecosystem and can be used as a module for other platforms.

That includes:

  • API component
  • ARKAS protocol
  • Core layer
  • Blockchain layer

Token info
Token VNT
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price in ICO 0.0009 USD

15% for all private investors.
Tokens for sale 19,670,000,000

Investment info
Accepting BTC, ETH
Distributed in ICO 35%
Hard cap 15,000,000 USD


Q2 2018
Ideation/VANTA Established.

Q3 2018
VANTA Architecture and Consensus Algorithm Design.

Q4 2018
Website Launch, White Paper Release, Private ICO.

Q1 2019
Technical Paper Release, The ARKAS protocol development.

Q2 2019
The VANTA Testnet.

Q3 2019
The Vanta Mainnet VNT Native Token Swap.

Q4 2019
dAPP Incubation & Developer Community Expansion.


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