SPLIT ASSET is a digital world asset-based cryptocurrency exchange trading and investment platform that help facilitate investors and traders from foreign and local investors. Split Asset Platfrom is a digital economy that provides comfort and security of investors. The platform offers exchanges , a complete trading platform and ICO incubator. Asset split network utilize blockchain technology, ASN token serves as the binding force within the ecosystem and also the primary means of exchange, in order to gain access to the use of ASN you need to have the EAST token.

Split Asset Platform is developed for the comfort and security of investors. A digital world asset-based cryptocurrency exchange trading and investment platform project. Asset Split offers trusted services, decentralized exchange services, blockchain-based authentication systems, blockchain games through smart contracts. The platform will provide an easy-to-use platform service for digital currency investors and crypto-space real-world money, the platform is intended as a deliberate exchange and service investment platform to revolutionize the process of easing developer project efforts in the blockchain ecosystem. This project is very valuable for the future for the development of world blockchain.

Asn also known as asset split network is a program which enables any user regardless of your technical know how to be able to generate smart contracts for their personal use, asides the generation of smart contract by noobs, the time and amount required is reduced greatly. ASN a user can split his/her valuables and begin to earn interest on his assets thereby generation of passive income.
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Full name: Ethereum Asset Split Token

Symbol: EAST

Total supply: 150,000 EAST

Decimal: 18

Minting: no

EAST Stock Guarantee: 1,000 EAST

Available shares: 50

Share payment: 1% platform turnover

Token sales: 100%

Price of tokens: 1 Ether = 100 EAST

EAST bonus:

1+ Ether investment: 2% EAST bonus

5+ Ether investment: 5% EAST bonus

10+ Ether investments: 10% bonus

EAST All EAST is owned by a sales contract for ASN tokens without any option to end the sale. Token contracts do not have possibility to produce additional EAST (mint).

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Bitcointalk ANN tread Split Asset: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5091558

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Whitepaper: https://assetsplit.org/assetsplit-whitepaper.pdf

Website: https://assetsplit.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/assetsplit

Twitter: https://twitter.com/assetsplitorg

Telegram: https://t.me/eastofficial

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Author: Martilda

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