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A storm has hit the investment market which we are not going to recover from. Crypto investment is that storm. With strict capital controls in place by most countries to control the flow of money and charge high taxes, cryptocurrency gained usage in circumventing capital controls and taxes, leading to an increase in demand. Cryptocurrency has been able to present an easy to use digital alternative to fiat currencies. Offering frictionless transactions and inflation control, investors have been prudent enough to add these currencies in their diversified portfolios as an asset, as the size of the market does not represent a systemic risk. Cryptocurrency employs the use of cryptography that assures high-security processes and verifies transactions personal to each user. Hence, counterfeiting and anonymous transactions are impossible to achieve.

While this revolution is gaining wide acceptance, Enkronos, a powerful multi-application ecosystem for advertising solutions, marketing and promotions, gamification, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, internet of things, big data and e-democracy, just to name a few areas has arrived.

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What exactly is Enkronos?

“Enkronos Apps” is a powerful multi-application ecosystem for advertising solutions, marketing and promotions, gamification, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, internet of things, big data and e-democracy, just to name a few areas. All the applications that will be published share a unified authentication system (SSO) that will also facilitate interoperability and greatly enhance every data-driven project in a common cloud-based environment.

Brief History

Enkronos is the slovenian company which has developed “Enkronos Apps”.

The Enkronos Tokens (ENK) will be the utility tokens of the “Enkronos Apps” Platform that will be used in all transactions related to distributed credits on the “Enkronos Apps”.

ENK will be then the only way to use “Enkronos Apps”, starting predictably from Q1–2019. Depending on resources consumption, storage and requests to the platform, the Enkronos Wallet will update its balance of available ENK.

A basic difference from almost all the ICOs is then that we already have a product and an established Company.

Why we created ENK?

Enkronos Apps platform powerful advertising, marketing, AI and big data possible usage (as it happens for any other advanced solution) raises a problem of respect of ethical conduct that till now has not found any acceptable answer also in any other available platforms. This unsolved problem is the main reason of the recent uncertainty that has created collapses in the stock exchange even for giants like Facebook (see Cambridge Analytica case).

The natural evolution of “Enkronos Apps” was therefore the realization by Enkronos of a full trusted, not manipulable publicly available accountability system to guarantee its ethical usage.

This the main reason why blockchain technology is the answer to this issue, since it is the only way to assure everybody that any usage of Enkronos Apps, that will be possible only with ENK tokens, will be registered and traced in a secure way that can’t be deleted or changed.

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Enkronos Apps will be open to Third Parties Apps

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Enkronos Apps allow and promote creation of applications that have no logic similarities apart from using the same and secure SSO environment and the RESTful API connection of Enkronos Apps. Any application that would like to integrate Enkronos Apps, can do that, by reading through our extensive documentation.

By publishing your application, the app will be visible in the Enkronos Apps listing for all of its creators to use.

A third-party application can choose which part they wish to use (they can use all, or nothing):

A secure and safe sign in environment (SSO) for each application they own

Access to extensive resources which solves problems

We estimate that starting from 15 June 2018 third parties (developers and companies) will be able to release their apps in Enkronos Apps platform.

The already existing applications and the soon available are:

Contest Dream (already published on “Enkronos Apps”)

Loyalty Venue (already published on “Enkronos Apps”)

YourGamify (already published on “Enkronos Apps”) (new app, release scheduled on 30.06.2018)

McAudience (new app, release scheduled on 31.07.2018)

FeelGrid (release on “Enkronos Apps” scheduled on 30.11.2018)

CryptoState (prototype, release on “Enkronos Apps” scheduled on 30.06.2019)

Token Supply, Sale and ICO

ENK will be the token used on Enkronos Apps platform. This token will be a token on the Ethereum blockchain following the ERC20 token standard. For the actual implementation of the ENK token, Enkronos has developed a smart contract that will be publicly consultable on its Github before any phase of Tokensale will start. There will be no alterations to the contract so any interested party can have full confidence in the ENK token.

ENK Supply

ENK follows ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum blockchain.

ENK has already been created and they have been capped, meaning we are not able to create any more in the future. No inflation is intended. The base price of ENK is setted as published on our TGE web site,

500 million ENK tokens created. 255 million directly sold to public.

Token supply is fixed, we create immediate deflationary currency that will be as va­luable as our growing community (startups and crowd) in our ecosystem.

Token Structure

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Funding Allocation

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30% Adv & PR

25% Development

20% Internal Business

20% Integration

5% Legal, IT & Admin


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Meet The Amazing Team

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Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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