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The buzz about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is a enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world. One of these projects is, an all-in-one trading platform with long-term profit both to traders and holders.

"Just like any other type of investment, there are different strategies to cryptocurrency investment. Some traders prefer rapid buying, selling, and trading of different currencies, taking advantage of the volatility of the relative values of different cryptocurrencies to make a profit. Others prefer a more long-term, hands-off approach to cryptocurrency, buying coins and then not selling or trading them away for months or years.

Cryptocurrencies are an extremely volatile market. In July 2010, the value of Bitcoin grew 900% in the space of five days . On December 22, 2017, Bitcoin dropped in 23% in value within 24 hours. These dramatic ups and downs generally follow the public’s perception of Bitcoin with announcements of potential regulation of cryptocurrency being one of the most common causes of a drop. However, this volatility gives potential investors the opportunity to make some big profits on the cryptocurrency market."

Putting the above into consideration, Sonata will utilize a continuous market information and propelled AI calculation to foresee future value patterns. The calculation is counseled with AI specialists who have just made a working model of here and now the expectation for gold spot cost.

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What exactly is SONATA? is all-in-one trading platform with long-term profit both to traders and holders. Our exchange is carefully created in cooperation with active exchange / Forex brokers and fintech enthusiasts. The application will provide a solution for novice and expert traders who want to focus on business, rather than struggle with messy user interface and nonsense functionality. Unlike other ICO projects, exchange does not need additional resources for the development itself. We are fully backed by company in the financial industry. The main reason, why we release our token, is to attract early investors and share 80% of our revenue with them. We believe that personal involvement is a key to build healthy community. That is also why is developed as a truly social platform.

The Vision

It is surprising that in the multibillion-dollar cryptocurrency market, there is no single exchange that answers all the needs of investors. Wherever the Sonata team looked, the Sonata team always found flaws or discrepancies where there should be a top-notch fintech product. Terrible user interfaces, a convoluted registration process, a lack of basic exchange features or poor efficiency - these are only few of the most common problems. Sonata, the revolutionary exchange application, provides a solution to all of these issues and adds a plenty of new ideas to the game.

The Mission

The mission when it comes to cryptocurrency trading and exchange; Sonata strive for simplicity and efficiency. Sonata wants to take part in education and in the development of blockchain technologies on a global level. The mission is to introduce cryptocurrencies to the general public, novice traders and ecommerce companies that can also largely contribute to the development of cryptocurrencies.

The main purpose of the creators of this project is to create a balanced platform that allows you to trade virtual currency with the ability to use an intuitive interface and a number of financial instruments that will allow you to trade using cryptocurrencies not only experienced traders, but also beginners.

Impending Challenges in Today's Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Lack of stable operation even on the largest trading platforms;

Insufficient number of financial instruments for effective trading;

No charts for trading;

Narrow choice of cryptocurrency;

All sites have a monthly transaction limit;

Long registration process, which may take several months;

Strange interface, resulting in confusion even for experienced traders.

The Features with Solutions Offered

Perfect security

The Sonata team members are committed to secure all your investments on multiple levels. You can focus on your business without worry.

Built to perform

The designers have spent hours analyzing the user experience of professional brokers to build a truly distraction free interface.

AI prediction

Sonata is using real-time market data and an advanced AI algorithm to predict future price trends. It offers a great start for beginners.

Margin trading

Margin (leverage) trading is an expert tool used to level up the order income. The lender is rewarded with the interest.

Social network elements

Take a part in the buzz of cryptocurrency trading. Join rooms, send tips to other brokers or learn from the experts.

Friendly API

Sonata will provide a fully documented customizable API for your robots and other apps.

Features used by Forex professionals

Optimized UX

Bot-friendly API

About The Sonata product

Sonata was created in cooperation with experienced exchange brokers and Forex analytics. The product is built with security as the highest priority. All coins are securely stored on cutting-edge hardware wallets. The user-friendly interface of Sonata is fine-tuned for beginners and skilled brokers alike. It is packed with advanced functionality, including custom AI price prediction. The Sonata team knows the customers love social interaction and so do they. Use the full potential of chat rooms on the platform and learn directly from expert brokers.

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The Target Group

Sonata is aiming at the large and steadily growing group of novice investors as the main target group.

To specify the target group, let’s take a look at some of the main traits of a potential user:

A new user, who is searching for the best business opportunity and needs the help of a community of professionals.

An experienced user searching for a better trading platform to replace his current exchange.

The owner of a larger amount of cryptocurrencies, searching for a safe way to multiply his holdings via high interest P2P loans.

A holder, who wants to gain passive income from the transaction fees Sonata will divide between investors.

An exchange specialist, who knows how to maximize his earnings using a few different exchange platforms.

Strategy providers and asset managers, who manage asset portfolios of their clients.

These user personas can and in most cases will mingle into more complex groups. That allows us to reach our audience with a wider variety of marketing tools, as their online presence in different channels overlaps.

Token and ICO Details

Sonata token (SONT) is based on Ethereum blockchain system and is standard ERC20 compliant. During the ICO period we will offer 250,000,000 tokens out of total 500,000,000. Sale will start on October 8, 2018.

Token Details

Token symbol - SONT

Token standard - ERC20

Total token supply - 500,000,000

Total tokens for sale - 250,000,000

Value of token - 1 ETH = 1,591 SONT

Currencies accepted - ВТС, LТС, ЕТН

Minimal transaction - 1,000 SONT

Hardcap - $21,000,000

Token sale date - October 8, 2018

Token sale

Sonata plans to divide the token sale into several stages, rewarding early adopters with the highest bonus rate.

The token sale will not be limited by time, as is common for other ICOs, but by the amount of tokens.

Once the tokens are sold, there will be no other chance to buy them with the given bonus.

To keep the price of SONT steady, Sonata will lockout its tokens and will release them in regulated quantities, always in a given period of time.

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Token Distribution and Use of Funds

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Q2 2015

First cryptocurrency investments. We are searching for a single exchange platform that would fulfill all our expectations. We fail to find one.

Q3 2015

We enjoy cryptocurrency trading and we see enormous potential in this branch. We are thinking about ways to enter the cryptocurrency market with a new product.

Q4 2016

The idea is born: Sonata will become a cryptocurrency platform designed for exchange, trading, P2P lending and maybe even more.

Q3 2017

We set up a team of designers, developers, marketers, and specialises in the field of exchange market analysis.

Q1 2018

We create a simple currency exchange aimed for the Czech market: There is a lot of potential for a new full-fledged exchange and the team agrees to start the development of such a service.

Q2 2018

The team laid the groundwork for We have a chance to meet with partners and advisers who are as enthusiastic about our idea as we are.

Q3 2018

The first internal version of the exchange. The AI for price prediction is consulted with AI experts and we can see the first results of short-term predictions.

Q4 2018

The public sale of SONT tokens is launched. We strongly believe that the investment will be beneficial for investors thanks to our smart payment mechanism. The mechanism pays out 80 percent of trade fees back to holders.

Q1 2019

The sale of SONT tokens is closed. We are expanding our team of developers and other specialists focusing on different tasks in order to innovate and upgrade the platform.

Q2 2019

The first public beta version of our exchange platform is released. Holders of our tokens are given the opportunity to be the first ones to try using it.

Q3 2019

We are focusing on further development and testing of our platform and upgrading our mobile applications. The first batch of altcoins is listed.

Q4 2019

The first versions of mobile apps for Android and iOS are released to the public. We are publicly testing AI price prediction.

Q1 2020

The exchange application is continuously upgraded. We are implementing our own AI prediction of cryptocurrency prices. A large number of altcoins is listed.

Q2 2020

We expect almost 200,000 active users and the average daily trading volume of roughly $300,000,000.

Q3 2020

Public listing of altcoins and other tokens. Listing of SONT tokens expanded to other exchange markets.

Meet The Amazing Team & Advisors

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Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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