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Over the past few years online marketplaces have increasingly become popular. Small and medium merchants have increasingly used marketplaces for launching their products to new markets and attracting new clients. Yet it is increasingly evident that these marketplaces have serious drawbacks.

Today, giant companies like Amazon ($774B) and eBay ($43.6B) use scale strategies to create massive consumption channels, giving consumers a false sense of variety and accessibility, when in fact they are in an echo chamber of generic brands and limited choices. The economics of this highly centralized industry, with high average purchases and significant revenues per-user for low marginal costs, makes it a very lucrative
and thus a competitive arena. Small to medium size retailers don’t stand a chance. The cost of manipulating the system and the search results are massive, and the profit margins are razor thin.

There is a large consumer group who is ready for a real-life shopping experience online, where they discover things that appeal to their senses, things that they never knew existed. These users seek experiences that are engaging, inclusive and rewarding. Pinterest ($12.5B) and Instagram ($35B) gave consumers an opportunity to discover new products, styles, and brands through images. These are places where they go to be inspired and add them to their wishlist. However, they are primarily designed to be just a colossal wishlist, and shopping
on these channels is inconvenient.

POZESS is the first of its kind online social marketplace built on Blockchain that uses the power of photo and video sharing to connect excited shoppers to businesses from all parts of the world. The user community of POZESS post, share, submit and shop luxury goods and modern design lifestyle products,
enhancing the internet user experience through discovery and curation. POZESSacts as a decentralized organic marketing platform for SMBs where consumers are empowered to support the businesses they like and get rewarded.

POZESS is a photo curated social commercial center that in a split second interfaces buyers with organizations and enables shoppers to find stand-out plans in form frill, extravagance merchandise and way of life items curated by the client network. At POZESS, clients acquire cryptographic money rewards for social exercises, for example, posting pictures, loving, sharing, remarking, alluding and including new organizations by simply curating their item pictures from their sites.

POZESS is one of the marketplace that uses blockchain technology as a security and convenience for all users including all traders who can also make photos or videos to sell various luxury goods and services. POZESS designs a marketplace to connect with traders or buyers around the world.

POZESS is a revolutionary decentralized model of a social trading platform. It created its own coin - this is PZS, that is, the cryptocurrency, which provides social participation and e-commerce transactions on the POZESS platform. On the platform, users receive a reward in the form of cryptocurrency for such actions as sending messages and photos; information exchange; commenting; links and adding new businesses, as well as photos of products from their sites.


The mission of POZESS is to

  • Help lesser known businesses and their audience in an easy and cost-effective manner
  • Help consumers discover new and inspiring fashion and lifestyle products from around the world
  • Reduce or eliminate transaction fraud
  • Improve visibility of products, giving equal opportunity to merchants to have their products found
  • Share pro ts and give a sense of ownership to participants for helping build a network
  • Reduce complexities in the listing process and provide services to help businesses succeed
  • Provide a fun, engaging and entertaining platform

Features of the Platform

POZESS is a place to discover exclusive modern fashion, lifestyle and tech products, curated by the user community. Users earn cryptocurrency rewards for social activities like posting photos, likes and shares.

  • Real-Time Discovery

Discover the latest designs of fashion, lifestyle and tech curated by the user community from various parts of the world.

  • Save Money

Participate in real- time live sales by unlocking the lowest prices for a limited time

  • Networking Opportunity

Follow, message, share with other members and merchants of the community. Participate in voting and forum discussions

  • Blockchain Rewards

Earn rewards in crypto tokens for network building activites such as posting photos, liking, sharing, following and inviting friends

Shared Services

Merchant storefronts are created automatically. The platform provides omni-channel marketing, dashboard to monitor sales and service to ship products conveniently

  • User-Driven Leads

Users invite merchants to list on Pozess when they like, share or add new products

  • DAPP Store

A storefront is automatically created for sellers and merchants.

  • Trust and Transparency

Smart contract eliminates middleman fees and secures the entire transaction. Merchants are paid only when product reaches the buyer

Pozess Ecosystem

POZESS is a decentralized collaborative social platform between Shoppers, Merchants and Social Media users. A simple concept drives POZESS. Each participant is potentially
an ambassador for their favorite retail merchant. Users post images from the internet and invite merchants to join POZESS. Activities within the platform such as likes, shares and referrals add further value by enhancing visibility for the businesses and
token velocity. The PZS token acts as an incentive to participants and affiliates to build the POZESS community. The coin can be used to purchase goods and services within the platform. The token reward system coupled with the utility of the token allows consumers, and businesses to create a self-sustaining transactional value system.

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Token Sale and ICO Details

POZESS ICO crowdsale aims to raise USD 40,000,000 in exchange of PZS tokens. Investors can pay using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as Fiat currency. Total of 1,174,209,525 PZS Tokens will be available, out of which 739,752,001 tokens will be available for crowdsale. 35,226,286 tokens for bounty, 117,420,953 would be allocated for reward pool, 117,420,953 shall be reserved for partnerships, 105,678,857 for team and 58,710,476 for advisors. 1 PZS token will be sold at 0.0007 ETH (0.07 $) or 1 ETH will yield 1428
PZS tokens / 1 $ will yield 14.28 PZS tokens. Following the crowdsale, the bought tokens will be distributed, the bonus vesting periods will start, and any unsold coins will be burnt.

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Token Details

  • Symbol: PZS
  • Total Token Supply: PZS
  • Project Protocol: ERC 20
  • Token Value: 1 PZS = $ 0.07
  • Circulation Supply: 739.752.001 PZS
  • Date of Pre-Sale Start: Mar 1, 2019
  • Date of Crowdsale End: June 30, 2019
  • Soft Cap: 2.5 M USD
  • Hard Cap: 40 M USD
  • Accepted Currency: BTC, ETH, Fiat

Token Distribution

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Road Map

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  • Business Registration
  • Platform Design
  • Development of MVP
  • Initial Merchant Acquisition
  • Initial User Onboarding
  • Initial Feedback

July 2017

  • Conceptualization of Pozess
  • Redesign of Architecture

Sept 2017

  • Formation of core team
  • Design Completion
  • Development of platform starts

Jan 2018

  • Blockchain component requirement and analysis
  • Begin Blockchain Component Design
  • Begin writing white paper
  • Begin tokenomics and token sale design

Sep 2018

  • White Paper completion
  • Alpha version of IOS, Android and Website completion

Dec 2018

  • Start private Token Sale
  • Start Bounty program

Mar 2019

  • Pre-ICO Token Sale Start
  • Initial Merchant Acquisition
  • Community Reachout
  • Key partnerships

Apr 2019

  • Start Token Sale
  • Begin acquiring merchants and users

Q3 2019

  • Beta launch of mobile IOS & Android platforms
  • Complete Blockchain development
  • Launch marketing program

Q4 2019

  • Full version launch of mobile IOS & Android platforms
  • Integration with partners


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