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Blockchain, FINTECH, digital banking, cryptocurrencies square measure ideas that are getting key in an exceedingly quickly dynamical economic paradigm. New digital technologies, supported a revolutionary approach to knowledge storage and worth sharing, square measure coming into the market at associate degree unexampled speed.

Crypt-ON may be a P2P platform engineered on blockchain technology to supply safe and secure trades in cryptocurrency. Crypt-ON is aimed toward a good vary of users—from beginner crypto-enthusiasts and freelancers to investors and managers of blockchain comes. this can be an area wherever folks meet, make deals, get loans for his or her comes, exchange digital assets for cash, and appearance for work or performers for his or her tasks, all by victimization cryptocurrency for payments. In P2P systems, folks act directly, while not associate degree go-between, and alone on the premise of the consent of all dealings parties. Crypt-ON implements this model of interaction on the premise of smart-contracts within which the terms of transactions square measure fastened. In parallel with the utilization of a name token (trust token), that displays the trust rating and also the system of freelance arbitration, this permits the responsibility and security of transactions.

P2P local exchange
Crypto freelance job
Escrow service
In developing DAO it has been followed four steps. They are,

Creating an ecosystem – This ecosystem will be a global workspace for all participants. It provides various services to its participants. Eg. Offering simple tools to investors to perform different tasks.

Building a community – The users of this platform are not considered as customers. But, they are the members who expect the prosperity and development.

Building a business – In order to participants make feel successful this platform creates a business that provides security and convenience. Further it is expected to build up a partnership with other platform while promoting DAO on various other platforms.

Migration to own blockchain – It provides high capacity and consensus algorithm and equal opportunities for all community members.

Crypt-ON is good enough to deliver the benefits like,

Secure trades in cryptocurrency

People in different countries can exchange cryptocurrrencies on this platform

Favorable terms for borrowings and lending of cryptocurrencies

Attract new employees

Trust token, smart contracts, independent arbitrage, trades insurance, stablecoin and fraud protection are the main technologies and instruments used in this project.

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The token used in this project is represented by IPT. The total supply of IPT token is recorded as 200,000,000. The minimum amount to be raised as softcap is $4 000 000 where the maximum amount to be raised as hardcap is $16 000 000. Payments for IPT are accepted only from BTC, ETH and LTC. The total supply of token is distributed as follows.

Operational expenses of the platform management - 5%

Legal support - 5%

Expenses of transition to decentralized management - 5%

Remuneration of mentors of the project - 5%

Marketing and promotion of the project - 20%

Finalization of IT solutions and their launch - 50%

Reserve Fund - 10%.

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In order to bring the project in to current statues, Crypt-ON has done followings in its history.

Research on market
concept development
team building
registered the legal entity
developed MPV
Token Generation Event or TGE (this is an analogue of the ICO, only legally permitted in the United States and regulated by the SEC) will be held from October 1 of this year to January 21, 2019 A total of 200 million IPT tokens will be released. Crypt-ON note that their token will not be cryptocurrency in the broadest sense of the word. This is the so-called utility token that will be used within the framework of the platform to pay for various functions. At the same time, it can be purchased on the stock exchanges for traditional cryptocurrency or money. Soft Cap of the project is set at 4 million USD, Hard Cap - 16 million. All not sold tokens will be burned.


Such a system in the future will allow creating a separate community of crypto enthusiasts who can put their wildest ideas and ideas into practice, form teams, hire the necessary specialists, get loans - all this without departing from the computer and the Crypt-ON platform. Given the opportunities and ease of participation, Crypt-ON is planning to attract those who do not share the idea of a cryptocurrency future today.

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