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In the World we live in today, the relevance of Cryptocurrency is rapidly increasing and ICOs are at the crux of the ecosystem that is necessary for hatching innovative blockchain related startups.
In this sea of inovation and new technologies i will be introducing you to a visionary project CoinFast an innovative tech company, aiming to provide secure and convenient software solutions for ICOs. The main mastership is ICO solutions.

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Coinfast is an innovative technology based company aiming for supporting the secure and convenient software solutions for ICOs. They are going to provide with affordable costs for this economic and technological transformation. They know how to make a combination with strategic abilities and entrepreneur approaching. And also professionalism and efficiency between distinguish the efficient, result oriented way of working, combining with initiative and dynamism of bright and dynamic team which make the heart of the project and also the company.S

Platform Features: Coinfast decentralized crypto currency platform is user friendly token launcher platform establish for contributor arrangement. The features are given below:

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Coinfast MPV: Coinfast MPV version of platform will going to confirmation one users interface, and offering for one a feel for the experience like as an investor at their platform.

Pricing: Their token pricing are divided at three stages:

Stage — Amount — Transaction from ICO’s side — Accepted currencies

Essential: 2000 USD — 5.00% — BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH.

Premium: 4000 USD — 2.5% — 80%+ crypto currencies

Enterprise: 6000 USD — 1% — 80+ crypto currencies and fiat money.

Dashboard features
Coinfast is very much user friendly which easy to use with Smart technology. The dashboard features are as follows:

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Coinfast ICO’s launch solutions have some specialties. They are given below:

Maximum security: Coinfast is an experts of crypto exchange software development by which they facilitate by wide range of security with multi-layered system.

Trading and liquidity: Coinfast crowd-sale services will going on by a non-stopping process from which one can want a custom exchanges, be traded after the official launch.

Simplified funding: Coinfast’s ICO system will facilitate with multi-currency funding from different platforms.


CoinFast’s business model was designed to bring investor or buyer maximum revenue with little investment. It can be regarded one of the best profit proficing business model. Because of Profit Sharing. CoinFast Bussines model will enable us to build a platform that is beneficial to everyone.

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With the investment into CFS tokens, investors main benefit will be 50% profit of Coinfast. Profit Sharing depends on how much share investor holds among total shares. Investor can directly start investing into lucrative investment by only Buying CFS tokens and get 50% of the profits made by transaction from CoinFast Platform.

Token details

Coinfast Token symbol — CFS.

Total token at ICO — 70,000,000 CFS.

Private sale Token price — $ 0.05 USD.

Pre-sale token price: $ 0.07 USD.

Main sale token price: $ 0.10 USD.

In July 2018 they create an events of early investor’s subscription. In September 2018 their bounty program start. From October 1- October 31, 2018 they are going to launch Pre-ICO. And form December 1- December 31, 2018 they are going to start the main ICO.

Token distribution
57% of total token will going to distribute at Crowd-sale.
18% of total token will going to save as reserve.
10% of total token will going to issue for shareholders.
7% of total token will going to issue for the team.

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Coinfast will going to share 50% of their profit at the time of ICO’s side at buying CFS tokens period. And also half of unsold tokens will be burned in a provable way at publically. They will creating a lock down period for team, advisor, and legal authorities.


Feb 2018
CoinFast LLC was established in United States

Jun 2018
Partnership with Turkey’s an emminent IT company called Interaktif group

Jul 2018
Early Investors Subscription

Aug 2018
The MVP Platform Release

Sep 2018
CoinFast Bounty Program Start

1 Oct - 31 Dec 2018
Token Pre Sale

Q1 2019
Token Main Sale
Token Issue
Referral Program
Concept Development
Design and implement CoinFast Platform
CoinFast Tokens listing

Q2 2019
CoinFast ICO Platform Release
Design and implement the decentralized gateway
CRM implementation
Integration on ICOs Listing Platform
Relationships with the major players and experts in the sector

Q3 2019
Marketing and Advertising Worldwide

Q4 2019
Roadmap Updates

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