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Excalibur is an operating system designed for PCs and laptops. It is supposed to support application files from major OS like Android, Windows, Mac, iOS and Linux. Excalibur OS integrates an in-built virus protection system and anti-theft system. The solution also offers a Mining Management System that can mine and manage users’ coins.

Excalibur Operating System (OS) aims to change the manner in which traditional OS operate. Users will find fresh ways to enjoy and share music, photos, video, and recorded TV when and where they want regardless of how or where it’s stored. Excalibur OS gives users more ways to access data and work productively from any location including making it easier to connect to wireless networks. With Excalibur OS, IT professionals have more ways to help their people get more done more securely and from more locations while still maintaining control over increasingly complex computing environments.

Exalibur Operating System, solves the problem of mining, because it has a built-in mining control function, so the user can use cryptocurrency on his own, and also solves the problem of viruses and data theft with his unique method of data protection and the company solves the second serious problem of users of the system, in which users can now use the application for different platforms on Excalibur, which means that the application files from the main OS will be supported by the Excalibur operating system.

The Exalibur Operating System also has a Blockchain Based Mining Management System feature in which the user can add their own token script.

Features of the Platform

  • **Virus and Hacker Attack Protection

The Excalibur operating system is designed so that no viruses or hackers can attack the system. The main focus is stored on the operating system security so that no hackers or viruses can attack the PC’s normal work.

  • Fully Customizable User Interface

This system is designed with a very good user interface, the user interface is fully customizable. This system is designed in Material Design and in Design Lite which makes a beautiful OS. Logon and Boot are fully customizable. Virtual Reality is one of the main features proposed for OS Excalibur, the development of this feature has begun.

  • Artificial intelligence

The operating system is equipped with Artificial Artificial Intelligence. AI is a sound based system that will work well with Internet & Non-Internet Connectivity. AI will help users to improve their internet user experience.

  • Security

The OS has different types of security such as Password, Pin, Pattern Lock, Voice Unlocking, and Face Lock.

  • Enhancing Hardware Performance

Excalibur is a performance-based OS with a unique hardware control algorithm design, because Kernal is built to improve hardware performance.

  • Mining and Trade Management System

This system is designed with a Mining & Trade Management system that helps in managing various coins or tokens. It also has script editing tools such as to register different coins for mining, with access to virtual money conversions and transfer systems.

Why Choose Excalibur?

Excalibur OS is clean and tidy, with a sleek interface that puts the task you want to achieve right at your fingertips. You have more control over where to place the things you use most often. Managing lots of screens is easier and they have improved the search so you can find the information you want quickly.

They identify several key themes that influence our engineering design efforts and help us to focus on where they can give you the highest value:

  • Hardware progress;
  • Diversity and sophistication of expanded devices;
  • The growth of mobile computing;
  • More connection options;
  • Connect multiple PCs at home;
  • More digital media;
  • User Interface.


With Excalibur, Mining Management would be very easy by Excalibur OS.

  • No more expensive fees for Antivirus
  • Tokens can be sold internationally over the internet
  • Tokens have a liquidity premium (>1000X improvement in time-to-liquidity)
  • Transparency of use of funds, an escrow can be used to verify how the funds are being spent after the ICO
  • Early contributors will have more liquidity in early stage companies
  • Early access to a token which has the potential for rapid capital growth
  • Contributors are usually the first users of the token – thus unlike holding a stock of a company whose products a contributor never used, ironically our tokens can be more tangible than securities.

Token Sale and ICO Details

XOS token will be released on the basis of Ethereum and Bitcoin platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration.

  • Start ( Pre ICO ): Sep 3, 2018 (8:00AM IST)
  • End ( Pre ICO ): Nov 3, 2018
  • Number of tokens for sale: 2,000,000,000 XOS
  • Tokens exchange rate: 1 USD = 100 XOS Tokens
  • Acceptable currencies: ETH, BTC,
  • Minimal transaction amount: 100 USD
  • Bonus & Referral: 500,000,000
  • Pre ICO: 200,000,000
  • ICO: 1,800,000,000

Token Sale

  • Pre-ICO - 200 M
  • ICO 1st Phase - 200 M
  • ICO 2nd phase- 400 M
  • ICO 3rd Phase - 400 M
  • Final Phase - 800 M

Token Distribution

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  • Crowdsale - 60%
  • Advisors - 10%
  • Reserve - 10%
  • Excalibur - 20%

Road Map

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