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The South Asian Region are at the front banner of decentralizing the system to pave way for fairness and reward based on dexterity, merit and work rather than on giveaways. Research has further revealed that raising funds and trading on the Blockchain space is hitherto associated with hurdles and third party challenges. These challenges and other factors has discouraged potential investors and threatening already existing participants, thus a major challenge militating confronting against the free-flow of the process. To create a sustainable platform where the processes of interrelating and interchanging will be simplified, CCECOIN was initiated as a totally decentralized ecosystem aimed at sustaining itself through community participation.

In a P2P network, the user utilizes and provides the foundation of the network at the same time, although providing the resources is entirely voluntary. Each peer (a “peer” being a computer system on the network) is considered equal and are commonly referred to as nodes. A peer makes a portion of computing resources such as disk storage, processing power or network bandwidth, directly available to other participants without the need for any central coordination by servers or stable hosts.

Despite all nodes being equal, they can take on different roles within the blockchain ecosystem, such as that of a miner or a “full node”. In the case of a full node, the whole blockchain is copied onto a single device, while the device is connected to the network. What this means is that the information stored on a blockchain cannot be lost or destroyed because to do so would mean having to destroy every single full node on the network. Therefore, as long as a single node with a copy of a blockchain exists, all the records will remain intact, providing the possibility to rebuild that network.

CCECOIN is a new offering in the market of altcoins - which can be exchanged into all accepted cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies within their own ecosystem platform.

CCE ECOSYSTEM LIMITED (“CCE”), has a divergent range of investments and business interests, largely situated throughout the South East Asia region, and works at both the local government level, and with assorted business associations throughout the region.

A key area of the development of the CCE business network is to encourage and foster continued business growth throughout the South East Asia region by implementing a trading network, based on blockchain technology, between local vendors and assorted clients.

CCE is building a vast trading network, or ecosystem, based on blockchain technology with an initial launch planned throughout the region of South East Asia in 2019. The ecosystem is based on bringing trading parties together within a fully decentralized and transparent trading process utilizing peer to peer networks. CCE has developed CCECOIN, and introduced within the ecosystem, a payment system and exchange medium utilizing CCECOIN. The CCE ecosystem will provide an extensive platform and payment mechanism that facilitates regional trade, with a focus on bringing value to merchants and further developing the unique product offers from the South East Asian region.

CCECOIN is a new offering in the market of altcoins - which can be exchanged into all accepted cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies within our own ecosystem platform. Together, with our developing powerful ecosystem, the demand for CCECOIN will continue to increase, as both institutions and individuals drive demand. Within the ecosystem, the CCECOIN can be exchanged to fiat currency and fiat currency can be exchanged for CCECOIN. It’s a flexible platform - powered by BLOCKCHAIN technologies.

Crowdsourcing is the newest means to fundraise for worthwhile community projects. CCE, driving new initiatives in trade throughout the South East Asia region. will be delivering a significant ICO to market in 2018. Only as a group of committed and enthusiastic supporters can truly significant changes on any meaningful scale be introduced to the market. Gather with us to spread the news of our ICO and soon to be delivered powerful ecosystem. Early bird deals are available at the time of the ICO. Don’t miss out! The market of South East Asia is valued on an annual basis in the billions of dollars.

CCECOIN seeks to faciliate regional trade through the introduction of the most modern regional ecosystem - empowered with the easy-to-use cost efficient CCECOIN token. With a low entry price of US$0.10 per CCECOIN, the upside of the investment leans to the positive over the short to medium term. Funds raised will permit, not only regional trade to be streamlined, but allow CCE to take a direct position in the investment of exotic durian fruit plantations and luxury bird nest production - a business sector measured in annual turnover of billions of dollars within the markets of South East Asia.

CCE has established Durian Clubs . The purpose of the club is to promote the exotic durian fruit business within the developing CCE Ecosystem. Club members fall into two categories - consumers who can enjoy annual paid visits to durian plantations to participate in amazing eat-all-you-can tourist events, as well as participate in multiple durian festivals held around Asia - experiencing the ultimate in sampling the wide varieties of the exotic durian fruit! Tree-ownership program is also offered - where buyers can no only enjoy free seasonal durian fruit, but can earn huge profits over a 25 year period.

The other sector catered for by the club is supporting the farm owners by providing agri-consulting - helping farmers to maximize crop yields and crop quality. The club also works within the wider CCE Ecosystem, and facilitates durian farmers to move produce throughout Asia.

Why Choose CCECOIN?

  • Charity Emphasis
  • Available Worldwide
  • Fractional Transaction
  • Exchangeable to Fiat Currency
  • Group Purchases
  • Limited Total Coins Issued
  • Currency Exchange
  • Merchant Building
  • Payment For Everyday
  • Tradable Peer to Peer
  • Safe and Secure
  • Tradable in Crypto-Exchanges

ICO Details

  • Soft Cap : 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap : 10,000,000 USD
  • Token Symbol : CCE
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH


  • Starting Time : October 1 [00:01 EST]
  • Ending Time : October 31 [23:59 EST]
  • Exchange Rate : 1 CCE = $0.10 + Bonus
  • Token for Sale : 40,000,000 CCE


  • Starting Time : Nov. 1 [00:01 EST]
  • Ending Time : Nov. 30 [23:59 EST]
  • Exchange Rate : 1 CCE = $0.10
  • Token for Sale : 60,000,000 CCE

Token Distribution

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  • Development Fund 30%
  • Reserves 10%
  • Management and Admin cost 15%
  • Ecosystem 20%
  • Charity 10%
  • Durian Farming 15%

Road Map

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Author: JigaMola
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