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The Blockchain Technology keeps on expanding in ubiquity and also its appropriation because of its genuine utilize cases in different parts by people, firm, and governments. The revolutionary technology impacting different industries miraculously was introduced in the markets with its very first modern application Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency has been trending and still is the hottest topic for discussion over the internet forums, communities and social media. There’s no surprise that investing in cryptocurrency has unveiled a new way of reaping out profits (with a ginormous value) just by sitting at home.
Basically the rise of cryptocurrency and subsequent attention brought to blockchain technology has prompted nearly every industry to evaluate the benefits of integrating the technology into their operations One firm at the forefront of this innovation is Excalibur an OS project that aims to provide users with protection against viruses and data theft. The OS is clean, uncluttered and has a streamlined interface. With these features, users will be able to do the task at hand with ease. It also allows users to manage to work with multiple screens effectively.

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The Excalibur OS

Operating systems designed for the operation of personal computers and laptops, can protect their owners from fraud, virus attacks and loss of valuable information due to attendance. Unique information security system from the media system.
The Excalibur OS Allows users to run multiple applications and software created for 64-bit systems and for 32-bit processors. Users have many advantages to running programs that require Linux, Apple Macintosh, Windows or Android.


Affect the software and core of their computers in the form of a virus attack, unauthorized access to information placed in the user's system and theft of personal information or attacks. Hackers can be minimized in new ideas; . With that help, developers have reduced the possibility of virus signatures entering the system, stealing personal user data and information stored in any media, including both data can be attached using a unique approach based on the latest developments in information security systems.
At the same time, other problems with system users are being resolved, including the fact that users can experiment by checking various platforms on Excalibur.


In a new operating environment

The problem of electronic money exploitation is best resolved. It has a mining management process and system. With this assistance, you can not only run the mining process, but also perform several operations to manage user-defined encrypted computers. Built-in functionality for editing system scripts where users can add new tokens that are launched by adding system scripts.

Users have the opportunity to extract money

With efficient optimization by increasing productivity, effectively utilizing system capacity in increasing volumes. Developers in the Excalibur operating system focus their search on the best performing experience, regardless of the process carried out on computer systems.

Computer computing power can be used

To find any need, for personal use: including a webcam to connect with loved ones using activities such as watching videos and listening. Sound content, play your favorite toys. Situational scenarios can vary, but with the Excalibur operating system you can always ensure certainty - computer systems operate without difficulty, clarity, and only digital content processing.

With XOS tokens

provided with several additional services from the Excalibur operating system, plus various system module checks. A beta version for card holders will be given after the ICO is successful. XOS token holders will be able to use bonus shares from the project using tokens.


Virus and Hacker Attack Protection

The Excalibur operating system is designed so that no viruses or hackers can attack the system. The main focus is stored on the operating system security so that no hackers or viruses can attack the PC’s normal work.

Fully Customizable User Interface

This system is designed with a very good user interface, the user interface is fully customizable. This system is designed in Material Design and in Design Lite which makes a beautiful OS. Logon and Boot are fully customizable. Virtual Reality is one of the main features proposed for OS Excalibur, the development of this feature has begun.

Artificial intelligence

The operating system is equipped with Artificial Artificial Intelligence. AI is a sound based system that will work well with Internet & Non-Internet Connectivity. AI will help users to improve their internet user experience.


The OS has different types of security such as Password, Pin, Pattern Lock, Voice Unlocking, and Face Lock.

Enhancing Hardware Performance

Excalibur is a performance-based OS with a unique hardware control algorithm design, because Kernal is built to improve hardware performance.

Mining and Trade Management System

This system is designed with a Mining & Trade Management system that helps in managing various coins or tokens. It also has script editing tools such as to register different coins for mining, with access to virtual money conversions and transfer systems.

The Benefits

Benefits are the rewards to token holders who have invested in our Business Model or on Tokens. We’ll be providing different type of benefit to token holders that are described below

Market Price of ICO will be increasing in near future, which will be a benefit for token holders as per the point of view of trading.

Operating System BETA Version will be initially be launched for Token Holders in 1st Quarter of 2019

Mining Management would be very easy by Excalibur OS.

No more expensive fees for Antivirus

Tokens can be sold internationally over the internet

Tokens have a liquidity premium (>1000X improvement in time-to-liquidity)

Transparency of use of funds, an escrow can be used to verify how the funds are being spent after the ICO

Early contributors will have more liquidity in early stage companies

Early access to a token which has the potential for rapid capital growth

Contributors are usually the first users of the token – thus unlike holding a stock of a company whose products a contributor never used, ironically our tokens can be more tangible than securities


• EXOS (aka 'kernel')
kernel layer (abstract CPU)
Executive layer (OS kernel function)
• Driver (kernel-mode extension model)
Interface to the device
Apply file system, storage, network
New kernel service
• HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer)
Hide BIOS chipset / details
Allows EXOS and drivers to run unchanged

How does it work

Excalibur OS is clean and tidy, with a sleek interface that puts the task you want to achieve right at your fingertips. You have more control over where to place the things you use most often. Managing lots of screens is easier. And we have improved the search so you can find the information you want quickly.
We identify several key themes that influence our engineering design efforts and help us focus where we can give you the highest score:

Hardware progress;
Diversity and sophistication of expanded devices;
The growth of mobile computing;
More connection options;
Connect several PCs at home;
More digital media;
User interface.


Name of Token: Token EXCALIBUR
Heart: XOS
Peron: Ethereum
Typing: Utilities
Total supply: 4 000 000 000 XOS
Softcap: 5 000 ETH
Hardcap: 45,000 ETH
Token Sales: 03.09 - 30.12.2018
Purchases accepted: ETH
Price: 1 X OS = 0.000025 ETH
Minimum investment: 0.25 ETH
Country: India
Whitelist / KYC: KYC
Forbidden areas: United States, Canada, North Korea, China

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2014, Q-4: Project Idea Was Proposed
2015, Q-1: The Team Was Build & Development Of Excalibur OS Was Started
2015, Q-4: Kernal Development Was Finished In The Month Of October
2016, Q-1: Got Ready In February User Interface.
2016 Q-2: Virus Protection System For Excalibur OS Was Built.
2016, Q-3: Team Started working on Majon Part i.e. All Platforms Power in a Single Platform.
2017, Q-3: Was Finished Development Platform
2018, Q-1: Mining Management System Development Was Started
2018, Q-2: Excalibur OS Got Official Existence.
2018, Q-3: PRE ICO In September 2018
2018, Q-4: ICO, & Testing on BETA Version
2019, Q-1: OS BETA Version of Excalibur will be releasing & token will be available for trading
2019, Q-3: BETA Version With Artificial Intelligence (AI) like SIRI & Cortana
2019, Q-4: The BETA Version with Next Update will be launched that is Virtual Reality.


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