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The extraordinary marvel of the ICOs changed how organizations recovered their business and recovered their expenses. It is a difficult time to understand how speculators can take back their cash in search of conditions by playing on objects that have not yet been produced. As it is, this is actually what is happening in the area of ​​blockchain and crypto-coins.!

CoinFast is an innovative tech company, aiming to provide secure and convenient software solutions for ICOs. The main mastership is ICO solutions. The team behind our product consists of leading, talented software developers with experience the best technologies stack. Together with dedicated, professional marketers, account managers, and support teams they strive to deliver the best possible experience support and security.

CoinFast wants to create the easiest way for people to
participate ICO securely.We always work hard to be
the best solution available on market

ICO payment gateway is is a decentralized payment
solution that helps ICOs accept payments in 100+

ICO service allows you to create a fast and targeted ICO
Platform with all the features required for the succesfully
launch of an ICO.

Features of the Platform

  • Smart Dashboard

The client dashboard maintains a track of your Token Sale activity, and thus enables you to measure the results of your marketing campaigns and refine them.

  • Token Contract

We support customized Token contracts for crowdsale based on ERC-20 or ERC-223 standards.

  • Token Contract Audit

CoinFast audits Token contracts developed by 3rd parties to ensure outstanding quality and reliability.

  • Multilingual

Dashboard available in multiple languages (en,es, ch, it, fr, de, kr, jp, ru). Any additional language can be translate.

  • KYC

The solution with a compliance role in CMS allows to the validate identity of your backers to avoid legal issues

  • Multiple cryptocurrencies


  • OTP or 2FA authentication

One-time password (OTP) or two-factor authentication (2FA) secures backers’ account

  • Security and reliability

We provide reliable performance of the servers with DDoS protection. The uptime of our server is 99,9%

  • User friendly

We use social networks and e-mails sign up & log in to increases conversion rates and provide better investment experience.

  • Triggered emails

Fully-customizable triggered emails for efficient communication with your backers.

  • Date Export

You can export all the e-mails, contact and purchase information based on applied filters.

  • Admin panel

We provide Admin panel (CMS with ICO settings) where you can easily set, update, and manage manage all of your ICO configurations (decentralized wallets, users, purchases, etc)

  • Referral program

It allows to reward backers for bringing more participants to crowdfund your ICO with custom bonus schemas.

  • Custom purchased bonus

Assign personalised purchased bonus based on a user profile.

  • Hosting and Administration

Provide safe and reliable hosting and administrate dashboard allocation on elastic servers, to handle any traffic.

Advantages of the Platform

  • The prices of the services on the Coinfast platform are some of the lowest on the market. You can access this market with minimal investment, choosing a high-quality service that is always up to date with the latest news in the ICO world.
  • The support is 360 degrees and offers all of expertise on Global market that is the best at the moment. They work to respect compliance to support the company that asks us.
  • The CoinFast Token Contract Wizard makes the most delicate phase of each ICO simple and safe, developing and the token contract to the Ethereum network.
  • CoinFast manages groups of investors that can finance good projects. A dense network of advisors will bring your project to the right channels, generating contacts and connections.

Token Sale

The Token sale will take place directly from the site, from which it will be possible to manage the entire payment
phase on the platform; CFS tokens will be received instantly in their wallet.

All tokens sold in the ICO phase will be burned in a publicly verifiable way.

Token Details

  • Token symbol: CFS
  • Platform: ERC20
  • Token pre-sale: 1st Oct 2018 - 31st Dec 2018
  • Main sale: 1st Jan - 31st Jan 2019
  • Number of tokens issued: 70M
  • Available for sale: 57%
  • Price: 1 CFS = 0.14 USD
  • Accepted currency: ETH, USD
  • Hard cap: USD 1M

Token Distribution

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Road Map

Feb 2018

  • CoinFast LLC was established in United States

Jun 2018

  • Partnership with Turkey’s an emminent IT company called Interaktif group

Jul 2018

  • Early Investors Subscription

Aug 2018

  • The MVP Platform Release

Sep 2018

  • CoinFast Bounty Program Start

1 Oct - 31 Dec 2018

  • Token Pre Sale

Q1 2019

  • Token Main Sale
  • Token Issue
  • Referral Program
  • Concept Development
  • Design and implement CoinFast Platform
  • CoinFast Tokens listing

Q2 2019

  • CoinFast ICO Platform Release
  • Design and implement the decentralized gateway
  • CRM implementation
  • Integration on ICOs Listing Platform
  • Relationships with the major players and experts in the sector

Q3 2019

  • Marketing and Advertising Worldwide

Q4 2019

  • Roadmap Updates


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Author: JigaMola
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